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Healthy Incentives Program

Healthy lifestyle information for King County employees and their families

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Healthy Incentives Participants Lost More WeightResults

King County has saved $46 million 2007 -2011 and there have been significant improvements in employee health.

During this time, employee health improved measurably. More than 800 people have quit smoking and the county has seen fewer claims for pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses associated with smoking. More than 2,000 people who were overweight or obese when the program began have lost at least 5 percent of their weight, the point at which research shows people begin to see health benefits, results that were published in national medical journal.

Below are high level summary results of King County’s Healthy Incentives program.

  • $46 million decrease in county health care expenditure 2007 – 2011.

    • $14.6 million due to health improvements of its employees and covered spouses and partners.

    • $6.5 million due to a shift to higher quality health care.

    • $24.7 million is due to plan design changes.

  • Participation has been at or above 90 percent since the program began.

  • Healthy Incentives Participants Smoke LessHealth improvements:

    • Healthy IncentivesSM participants lost 19 tons more than a national comparison group.
    • Smoking decreased 5 percentage points, from 12% to 7% and is lower than the national and state averages.

For more detailed information on the program’s results see our measurement and evaluation page.

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King County Executive Dow Constantine gives Keynote address on Healthy Incentives results to the National Business Coalition on Health in Dallas, TX.

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