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Bicycling Resources MarchBike

First time biker? Never fear – these local resources are here to help you get pedaling.

Commute Resources:

  • King County's Employee Transportation program can provide resources for parking your bike when commuting to work and let you know if you're eligible for incentives based on your bike commutes

  • Many King County worksites provide showers, lockers and bike racks for employees.  Check this list to see if your facility is one of them

  • Bike Commuter 10 Essentials from Cascade Bike Club

  • Learn how to use the City of Seattle's Bike Box at traffic lights

  • Review alerts for bike commuters at the Bicycle Alliance webpage

Community Resources:

  • YouTube videos to help you maintain your bike:
  • Publicly accessible bike racks in the downtown Seattle area are marked on this Google Map

  • REI offers classes for bike care and maintenance. Some are free and some have a fee. For a class near you, go to  and search for a store by zip code

  • Cascade Bicycle Club offers several resources for commuters and recreational bikers including:

    • Classes covering topics like how to ride safely in traffic, how to fix a flat, how to load your bike on a bus and how to transport work clothes and aAll3onBikes_webrrive ready for your first meeting. Search available classes here
    • Routes - check out online message boards to post information and questions about a wide variety of topics, including selecting the best route from home to work and back
    • Events - join Cascade for events for commuters and recreational riders including the Group Health Commute Challenge, Seattle to Portland, and the Summer Bike League
    • Rides - Local ride leaders organize rides for all biking abilities from the starter to the centennial rider. Rides are free and open to everyone, not just bike club members. It's a great way to get comfortable on a route and meet other riders. View the ride schedule here

      To find out more, go to Or go to and browse their social rides, classes and events.

  • Spokespeople of Seattle offer free, volunteer-led rides for cyclists of all abilities

  • The Bicycle Alliance of Washington offers resources, rides and advocacy for better biking in Washington

  • The City of Seattle provides bike resources and links on their
  • Google Maps has a bike route feature - when searching for directions in Google Maps, click the bike icon for bike routes

Do you have other tips for riders? Would you like to share your bike commuting story or photo? E-mail us:


The Puget Sound Regional Council has developed a new iPhone and Android app to help riders plan their trips and inform bicycle planning in the Puget Sound Region.  Download the app here.

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Bike Health Heroes:

Eileen Kadesh, Transit Planner for King County, shares how she and her husband use their bikes to run local errands. Think a trip to Costco can't be done on a bike? Read this!


Donna Alosio, Ed Bowman, Arleen Chavez, Darren Chernick, Jill Pottraz, Charlie Tiebout talk about bike commuting (video)

Bike to Work Health Heroes

Councilmember Jane Hague talks about her participation in Bike Month

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