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A vanpool is a prearranged group of 5-15 people who share a ride to work. The group enjoys a low monthly fare and a comfortable commute in a van that seats 8, 12, or 15 passengers. Members—usually co-workers or people who work in the same vicinity—volunteer to drive and fuel the vans, keep them clean, and schedule maintenance and repair work. Commuting in a vanpool is a great way to reduce stress and save money. For many people, vanpooling also offers valuable personal or work time during the commute.

Subsidy for King County employees

If you’re a King County employee who is eligible to receive transportation benefits, your King County employee ID/ORCA card covers up to $45 per month toward your fare for King County Metro Transit, Community Transit, Pierce Transit, or Kitsap Transit vanpools.

Before you can begin receiving your vanpool benefit, you must read the Vanpool Benefits Rules of Use and Policy and submit your completed acknowledgement form.

Give a copy of your employee ID/ORCA card to your vanpool bookkeeper. Remember, you’re responsible for any additional vanpool fares.

Finding partners is a free online self-serve ridematching service that—in a matter of minutes, day or night—helps you find potential vanpool partners.

Discounted parking in Seattle

The City of Seattle offers discounted parking to registered vanpools in specially designated areas throughout the city. For more information, visit Commuter Services or call 206‑684‑0816


Metro VanShare provides vans to groups of five or more commuters to connect them to buses, trains, or ferries. Now you can park a van at a transportation hub or terminal (rail station, park-and-ride, or ferry dock) and it will be there, ready to bridge the gap in your commute trip.

King County Employee Transportation Program

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