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King County Elections

King County Elections
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Nov. 8, 2012

King County to include 90,000 total ballots in today's results reports

King County Elections estimates that it will include a total of about 90,000 ballots in its results updates today, scheduled for 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. This target of 90,000 is dependent on equipment performing at optimal levels.

"King County has received record numbers of ballots and is processing more mail ballots than any place in the country. We appreciate that there are some close races, and we are working extended hours to produce more results reports," said Sherril Huff, Director of Elections.

KCE has received an estimated 985,000 ballots to date, representing about 84 percent turnout so far. Of these, 609,611 have been counted and reported. Additional ballots with valid, on-time postmarks are still expected to arrive.

The Elections Department is fully staffed with more than 300 temporaries working to process ballots. KCE also will process ballots on both Friday and Saturday to increase the number of results reports this week. Reporting times are to be determined and will be announced.

Due to the record high number of ballots being processed in this election, Elections' scanning equipment is experiencing greater demand. There was a brief shutdown yesterday, Nov. 7, and the system had to be restarted. This resulted in a work delay of about one hour yesterday while the system worked through a series of security protocols before it could resume scanning. Equipment vendor engineers are on site this week to assist when needed.

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