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King County Elections

King County Elections
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Oct. 28, 2011

Ballot mailing delay for some Eastside voters

The Elections Department has identified about 11,000 Eastside voters whose ballots were not sent out among the 1.1 million General Election ballots mailed on Oct. 19. Ballots are being mailed to these voters tomorrow and they should receive them in the mail early next week. All voters have until Nov. 8 to vote and get ballots postmarked or returned to a ballot drop box.

The Elections Department constantly reviews calls to its phone bank to determine if there are any issues arising in the course of every election. Although call volumes for the current election have been consistent with past elections, in the last couple of days, calls from voters about not receiving ballots in the mail were more concentrated in several Eastside areas than normal.

“We investigated the matter and discovered a technical problem associated with part of our voter database that resulted in exclusion of these ballots from being mailed on the date originally scheduled,” said Sherril Huff, Elections Director. “Quality assurance is an important component of our elections processes and while we regret that this event occurred, I’m pleased that the reviews we have in place helped us in identifying and problem solving the issue.”

A small percentage of voters contact King County in the course of every election about not receiving their ballot. The Elections Department encourages voters to call the voter hotline (206-296-VOTE) if this happens. Voter communications always include reminders to contact the Elections Department if your ballot has not been received in the week after it was mailed out to you.

Voters are encouraged to contact the Elections Department if they have not yet received a ballot in the mail or if they have any questions about voting in the November General Election.

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