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King County Elections

King County Elections
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Nov. 2, 2010

Election night results exceed original estimate

King County Elections delivered the first set of General Election results tonight for a total initial count of 373,941. More than 120,000 ballots arrived in the mail today and processing has started for subsequent counts. The Elections Department expects to receive an even greater amount of mail tomorrow as many voters waited until today to vote and return their ballots.

"While it's not unusual to experience lines on Election Day, we have seen a record number of voters show up at all of our Accessible Voting Centers to replace lost ballots or ballots that were accidentally destroyed, or even some that never made it to a current address," said Elections Director Sherril Huff. "For the most part, voters have been very patient and acknowledged that they were aware they should have contacted us sooner."

The Elections Department deployed some additional staff and services in an effort to address the high volumes being experienced today.

King County has estimated a total election return of about 720,000 ballots, or 68 percent of registered voters, and the numbers coming in are consistent with expectations. Tomorrow's results report is going to reflect about 45,000 additional ballots.

Some voters expressed concern that some people may mail in a ballot as well as vote at an Accessible Voting Center, and asked whether that would result in a double vote. Only one ballot can be counted per registered voter in any given election. Once King County Elections receives a ballot, a second ballot from the same voter cannot be counted. This is ensured by technology that identifies a duplicate ballot and allows Elections to take appropriate action.

Election results will be updated on the Elections website, at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow. Voters can also visit the website to track their ballot and confirm that it was received by Elections.