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The Familiar Faces initiative is systems coordination for individuals who are high utilizers of the jail (defined as having been booked four or more times in a twelve-month period) and who also have a mental health and/or substance use condition.

A future vision for how systems can better serve "familiar faces" and improve their health and social outcomes, the quality of services they receive and lower costs has been developed by the Design Team. This work began in 2014, when a group of senior leaders from within the community and King County (the Management Guidance Team) commissioned a Design Team to map the current state for this population as they transition from the jail to and within the community. More about organizations involved in this effort.

Familiar Faces future state vision

This work utilizes King County principles of customer-focused Lean improvement to focus on process and removing inefficiencies. Learn more about how this work is on the cutting edge of Lean management.

Implementation of identified changes will begin in 2015. Proposed key outcomes for this population include:

  • improved health status,
  • improved housing stability,
  • reduced criminal justice involvement,
  • reduced avoidable hospital emergency department use,
  • improved client satisfaction with quality of life, and
  • reduced population-level health disparities