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Most King County offices will be closed on Monday, May 30, 2016, for Memorial Day.  
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In King County, where you live, how much you make, and the color of your skin are major predictors of your life experience and your chances of living well and thriving. Health and social disparities are increasing markedly in King County, Washington. While average measures of quality of life, social, and health factors are among the highest in the country, these averages mask stark differences by place, race and income. Significant portions of the county have been left behind as demographics have shifted and our region now experiences some of the greatest inequities among large US metropolitan areas. Life expectancy ranges from 74 years in the lowest decile census tracts to 87 years in the highest, smoking ranges from 5% to 20%, and frequent mental distress ranges from 4% to 14%.

To help change our County's current trajectory, Communities of Opportunity is an effort launched by The Seattle Foundation and King County in 2014 to improve health, social, racial, and economic outcomes by focusing on place, and to do so by partnering with communities to shape and own solutions. It is one of four initiatives aligned with King County’s Accountable Community of Health.

Watch this video for an overview of Communities of Opportunity. Place-based work in Rainier Valley, White Center and SeaTac/Tukwila is building resident capacity to improve health, social, racial and economic equity, and identifying systems and policy changes to improve equity throughout the region.