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VISION: By 2020, the people of King County will experience significant gains in health and well-being because our community worked collectively to make the shift from a costly, crisis-oriented response to health and social problems, to one that focuses on prevention, embraces recovery, and eliminates disparities.

Why is transformation needed?

King County has a well-deserved reputation for its high quality of life, but most measures mask an important story of some of the worst social and health inequities in the nation. For example, while overall life expectancy in King County is good, it varies by more than 10 years depending on one's neighborhood. Contributing to our region's social and health inequities is a fragmented delivery system of health and human services, along with an absence of supportive community conditions in some areas. We can do better; all King County residents should have the opportunity to thrive and enjoy long lives regardless of where they live, their income, education, race, or ethnic background. King County's work to transform our systems and outcomes around health and human services is built on the ongoing work and commitment to equity and social justice. See King County's latest Equity and Social Justice report.

We are working with partners collectively to make changes in communities and systems that will result in improved health and well-being for all residents in King County.

Join the network of people and organizations who support the vision of the Transformation Plan. Write to to be added to the network and receive future updates.

Transforming communities to improve health and well-being takes multiple approaches. Learn about a regional effort to invest in healthy children and communities - the Best Starts for Kids Levy Proposal.

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