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Through adoption of the King County Strategic Plan 2010-2014: Working Together for One King County, King County has transformed its work on equity and social justice from an initiative to an integrated effort that applies the countywide strategic plan's principle of "fair and just" intentionally in all the county does in order to achieve equitable opportunities for all people and communities. The Equity & Social Justice ordinance establishes definitions and indentifies the specific approaches necessary to implement and achieve the "fair and just" principle that is embedded as a core element of the goals, objectives and strategies of the countywide strategic plan.


Government policies have historically aimed at the right side of this stream -- programs treating problems at the individual level. Inequities like the ones in King County, however, are linked to the underlying conditions (determinants of equity) in the middle of the stream The left side of the stream represents the systems that produce an inequitable distribution of the determinants of equity among communities.