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Most King County offices will be closed on Monday, July 4, 2016, for Independence Day.  
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Office of Equity and Social Justice

The Office of Equity and Social Justice supports and works with King County leadership, employees and local and national partners to advance practices, strategies and policies that promote fairness, justice and opportunity for all.


Matias Valenzuela




Arun Sambataro

ESJ Program Manager



Paula Harris-White 

Diversity Manager



Ericka Cox 

ESJ Inclusion Manager




The Inter Branch Team (IBT) 

The Inter Branch Team (IBT) helps facilitate accountability of and coordination by all branches of county government regarding implementation of the "fair and just" principle of the countywide strategic plan. This work includes tool development, public and community engagement, training and work plan creation.

The Inter Branch Team (click image to enlarge)
The Inter Branch Team (click image to enlarge)

Equity and Social Justice Inter–Branch Team Roster

Revised February 2015


A learning team from all agencies in King County government that passionately engages employees and community residents and leverages activities that create equitable opportunities for all.


The ESJ Inter-Branch team is a catalyst for change in county government and the community by increasing focus on the determinants of equity and intentionally embedding an equity lens in the county's policies and decision-making, organizational practices, and community engagement and communications.


  • Accountability and coordination:
    Facilitate accountability of and coordination by all branches of county government regarding implementation of the fair and just principle of the countywide strategic plan.
  • Analytical tools:
    Develop and support use of analytical tools to identify and review equity impacts of programs, policies and decisions at all levels of government, in ways to amplify positive impacts and mitigate negative impacts.
  • Public/community engagement:
    Develop and support use of guidelines to be implemented across all branches of government for outreach, communication and community engagement to increase community access to information and opportunities to inform and shape county policies and services.
  • Organizational practices:
    Identify and support mechanisms to improve fairness and increase opportunities in government organizational practices in the areas of employment, contracting and procurement.
  • Support Equity and Social Justice awareness and training:
    Focus on increasing awareness among all employees, encouraging employee-generated ideas and solutions, and providing training support within King County agencies.
  • Forum for ideas:
    Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and collaborative efforts between all branches of government to embrace equity and social justice policies and practices.
  • Annual work plans:
    Support and identify annual work plans by departments and agencies to apply and incorporate equity and social justice practices into their core lines of business.
  • Annual reports:
    Develop, design and publish an annual report on the status and trends in equity in the county and measures of accountability for work plans and results related to implementation of this ordinance for King County elected leadership, employees and the public.

Competencies for members:

  • Knowledge and commitment to ESJ:
    Possesses an understanding of equity, determinants of equity, as well as race and social justice issues.
  • Initiative and creativity:
    Develops novel solutions to problems, both within and across agency and department.
  • Systemic and holistic approach:
    Applies thinking and problem solving that are comprehensive and address the root problems
  • Teamwork:
    Works to build a sense of empowerment and shared responsibility for advancing the County's work on ESJ. Understands what impedes change and improvements, and works collectively to address those barriers.
  • Training:
    Takes responsibility for continued personal learning and agency/department learning around issues of equity, race and social justice.
  • Leadership:
    Is a persistent and vocal champion and advocate of Equity and Social Justice at all levels of the organization and in the community.


  • Role:
    From its leadership position, the Inter-Branch Team will champion Equity and Social Justice within county government and in the community.
  • Membership:
    The Inter-Branch Team shall be composed of the directors or their designees of all branches, departments, agencies and offices of county government.
  • Representatives and alternates:
    Designees shall be at a level with access to senior leadership and able to create focus and sustained attention on equity and social justice issues. In addition, an alternate representative will be selected to assure representation at Inter-Branch Team meetings.
  • Time commitment:
    The Equity and Social Justice Inter-Branch Team will meet on the third Wednesday of each month from 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. with additional time scheduled as needed for planning, training and workgroups.