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Executive Constantine visits Bryn Mawr Elementary

Executive Constantine is visiting every school district in King County to learn about what works. Here, he meets with kindergartners at Bryn Mawr Elementary in Seattle.

Executive Constantine has announced an initiative—called Best Starts for Kids—that will provide the resources needed to prevent negative outcomes in the community and put every child on a path toward lifelong success.


He has also framed his policy agenda for meeting the key challenges facing our region.

Best-run government
Being the nation's best-run government is really about people; what our employees do to effectively serve the public and make our communities the best places to live.

Building equity and opportunity
We must do better to ensure that King County remains a place where everyone has an opportunity to succeed, regardless of where they started out in life. It’s not just an issue of fairness—we are more competitive in the global economy when everyone is able to contribute.

Confronting climate change
We can see the impact climate change is having right here in King County. To the west, Puget Sound keeps rising. To the east, the snow packs shrink and the glaciers recede. We can’t wait for congressional action or international consensus. The solutions we need must come from the local level.

Regional mobility
Demand for transit is at an all-time high, but the Central Puget Sound region is growing faster than anywhere in the U.S. As we continue to grow, public transportation will play an important role in reducing congestion, protecting our environment, and getting more people where they need to go.


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