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Training is provided for all volunteer roles. Below is a list of our volunteer opportunities and their requirements. With some exceptions, volunteers can serve in more than one role. Most team members work regularly scheduled weekly shifts for at least six months or alternating week shifts for at least 12 months. During the summer for some assignments, there are often opportunities with a shorter commitment of eight months, plus training.

Don't have the time to volunteer? No problem! There are several other ways to help care for our animals, consider bringing in a wish list item (pdf), fostering a pet or donating to any of the four general funds -- your contribution makes it possible for RASKC to achieve milestones that provide a sustainable environment for our animals to be cared for while waiting for their forever home.


Where: RASKC, Eastside Pet Adoption in Kirkland, other Petco Stores or Reber Ranch

Ages: Open to parent-youth teams, teens, and adults (Note: RASKC is open only to volunteers 18 and older)


  • Scrupulous attention to detail, very strong commitment to hygiene, and very good cat-handling skills
  • Assist customers in finding the right cat for them to adopt, answer frequently asked questions and promote responsible pet ownership. Also, assist customers whose cats are missing. When the priority work is completed and if there are no customers present, you may cuddle the cats. You may also photograph cats for possible upload to RASKC’s website.
  • Must be comfortable with dogs on the premises.

Shifts: (weekdays) One to two hours per week offered in the morning, mid-day, and evening.

Where: RASKC (in Kent)

Ages: Open only to volunteers age 18 and older.

Qualifications: Experience with dogs; very good dog-handling skills including large untrained dogs, especially pit bull terriers but also small dogs; and ability to lift 50 pounds and maintain a steady balance. Classroom training and an apprenticeship shift are required. Trainings are typically offered on the weekend by professional dog trainer Pat Wynn.

Shifts: Volunteers typically work one regularly scheduled shift per week.


  • Morning shifts: Starting at 8am for two or three hours
  • Mid-day shifts: Flexible start time between 11am- 12pm for two or three hours
  • Late afternoon shifts: Flexible start time between 3-4pm for two or three hours


  • Morning shifts: Starting at 8am for two or three hours
  • Mid-day shifts: Flexible start time between 11am- 12pm for two or three hours)
  • Late afternoon shifts: Flexible start time between 2-3pm for two or three hours

Open your heart and your home on a temporary basis to cats, kittens, dogs, or puppies that need to get well or get bigger before they can go out for adoption. Sick animals get better faster in a stress-free environment. Your home is the perfect place for them to get one-on-one attention and the love they need to grow and/or get well. We provide food, supplies, and veterinary care while they are being fostered.

Visit our Foster Program page for more information.

Here's all the important was your team can help the animals at RASKC:

Raising Money to Purchase Items to Help Our Animals

It would terrific if you would organize a bake sale, car wash, or other fundraiser so that you can purchase items that help RASKC cats and dogs.If you raise $100, you can order a Kuranda dog bed directly from the manufacturer which will be delivered to RASKC. Or you could raise any other amount of money to purchase items on RASKC’s Wish List.

Making cat cozy blankets or dog vets

Help provide a more comfortable space for the cats by making cat cozy blankets. Or help promote RASKC dogs’ visibility.You would purchase the materials. Then your group could reserve a library room or other venue to make the blankets. If your group is less than 10 people, you might be able to make the blankets in RASKC’s lunchroom, upon request.

"Adopt Me" Dog Vests

Cat Cozy Blankets (for instructions: video):

  • Cut your fabric 20" x 20"
  • Make 2.5" cuts for your ties
  • Finished blanket should be roughly 15" x 15" inches
  • Tie the ends

Putting up RASKC mini-posters to improve RASKC visibility

Too many people don’t realize that RASKC in Kirkland and Kent are terrific places to adopt the next member of their family. Many residents don’t realize why it’s important to license their pets. If you or your crew would like to post mini- RASKC posters up at coffee shops, pet-supply stores, and other places throughout King County, we’d appreciate that.

During the summer we’d love for you to put up posters to remind people not to leave their dogs in the car.

Here are links to download the posters:

Group Shelter Tours

For groups who have lead projects to help our animals, we'd like to provide you with a tour of our headquarters in Kent. Contact to schedule your tour.

Vet Clinic

While Vet Clinic volunteers typically do not perform surgery, your work is very important. You would, for example, wrap surgical instruments, clean kennels in the clinic, and assist staff in a variety of ways. Open to adults only.

Qualifications: Medical background preferred. Must be comfortable working quietly and have the ability to absorb a lot of information quickly.

Shifts are typically three hours per week during summer and fall.

Shelter Helper

Shelter Helpers provide background work toward the smooth operations of the Kent Pet Adoption Center. While these volunteers do not touch animals, they engage in essential tasks like preparing pet-food trays and treats, washing and sanitizing bowls, doing laundry, and related work. Shelter Helpers may often work on special projects.

Qualifications: This position requires you to take initiative by assessing what tasks need to be done then responding to the needs. Open to parent-youth teams, teens, and adults.

Shifts are typically one hour per week. Preference is for volunteers who can work between 11am- 2pm.

Office Assistant

If you like to do office work, there are usually many opportunities to help. Open to parent-youth teams, teens, and adults.

Shifts can be regularly scheduled for one or two hours or scheduled on a project basis.

Public Speaking

If you like speaking to groups, you might be trained to lead tours of the Kent Pet Adoption Center to youth groups. Or you might help lead new volunteer orientation. Or you might give a “Be a Super Hero for Animals” presentation at a local library or other community organization. Open to parent-youth teams, teens, and adults.

Staff Community Booths (summer only)

If you are friendly, outgoing, and a good listener, you might like to help staff RASKC’s community booths. You would train and coordinate with RASKC’s Pet Licensing Section. Open to parent-youth teams, teens, and adults.

Website Adoption Team

Put your terrific photography skills to work! You would also develop text to describe how lovable RASKC cats are. Your work product would be edited and uploaded to the and RASKC websites. Team members are usually needed April-November.

Qualifications: Good photography skills, good writing skills, ease with computers, and ability to easily discern cats' personalities.

Shifts are usually one hour per week. This work may also be integrated into other roles, including work with cats at any RASKC venue or partner store.


Pet Information Line
206-296-7387 (PETS)

TTY Relay 711