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What is the purpose of a conditional use permit?

A conditional use permit (CUP) allows the county to consider uses that may be desirable to a particular community, but which are not routinely allowed, through a public hearing process, and to control certain uses which could have detrimental effects on a community or neighboring properties. A 'conditionally permitted use' on a specific property is subject to conditions that ensure compatibility with nearby land uses.

The conditional use permit process allows for consistent evaluation of land use applications and provides clear criteria on which to base a decision. The burden is on the applicant to provide adequate justification supporting a CUP request.

What activities require this permit?

How much will it cost?

See the Permitting Department current fee schedule for an estimate.

Where can I get an application?

  • Refer to the Conditional Use Permits Packet for application materials.
  • Request an application packet by mail by calling the Department of Permitting customer service at 206-296-6600 or
  • Pick up an application packet at the Permitting Department in Snoqualmie (see map and directions).

How do I submit my application?

See information on pre-applications as a pre-application meeting is required prior to filing a CUP application and note that, as of November 3, 2008, a 3-step pre-application process is required for CUPs*.

The CUP application must be filed in person at the Department of Permitting Permit Center. An appointment with a Zoning Technician is required to file the application. Call 206-296-6797 to schedule the appointment. For more information, refer to Applying for a permit at the Permitting Department.

What is the timeline for processing a conditional use permit?

  • Permitting Department staff will schedule a pre-application meeting within 30 days from the date of the request.
  • Permitting Department staff has 28 days from the date the application is filed to determine whether the application is complete.
  • After Permitting Department staff determines that a CUP application is complete, a Notice of Application is issued. The minimum public comment period is 21 days.
  • The process to make a final decision on a CUP generally takes 120 days provided no appeals are filed or substantial additional information is required.

What is the appeal process?

Refer to permit type 2. There is a 14-day appeal period whereby an aggrieved person can file an appeal together with an appeal filing fee to the King County Hearing Examiner.

Notes / Comments

For more information, see Type 1-4 Applicant Designation.

Administered by

The Department of Permitting and Environmental Review under the legal authority of Title 21A of the King County Code. For questions, please contact us at 206-296-6600.