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Adopted September 27, 2004 and with 2006 amendments

Dated information for historical reference only

The second major update to the King County Comprehensive Plan occurred in 2004.

In July 2005, the King County Council adopted Ordinances 15242 through 15245 that amended the 2004 King County Comprehensive Plan Update.

In October 2006, the King County Council adopted Ordinances 15605 through 15607, amending the 2004 King County Comprehensive Plan Update again.

King County's 2004 Comprehensive Plan Update with the 2006 amendments is listed below by section.

Please note: The 2008 update replaced the 2004 document below. Go to 2008 Comprehensive Plan Update for more information.

2004 King County Comp Plan with 2006 amendments

Introduction and Contents

PDF* (89KB)

Chapter One - Regional Planning

PDF* (276KB)
Map: Land Use, PDF* (2.5MB)

Chapter Two - Urban Communities

PDF* (625KB)
Map: Interim Potential Annexation Areas, PDF* (2.2MB)
Map: Urban Centers, PDF* (917KB)

Chapter Three - Rural Legacy and Natural Resource Lands

PDF* (888KB)
Map: Agricultural and Forest Lands, PDF* (1.2MB)
Map: Equestrian Communities, PDF* (1MB)
Map: Mineral Resources, PDF* (1MB)

Chapter Four - Environment

PDF* (124KB)
Map: Wildlife Habitat Network and Public Ownership, PDF* (1.3MB)

Chapter Five - Parks, Open Space and Cultural Resources

PDF* (212KB)
Map: Open Space System, PDF* (1.8MB)

Chapter Six - Transportation

PDF* (265KB)

Chapter Seven - Services, Facilities and Utilities

PDF* (218KB)

Chapter Eight - Community Plans

PDF* (281KB)

Chapter Nine - Implementation

PDF* (135KB)


PDF* (82KB)

Technical appendices

Attachment B:

Technical Appendix A - Capital Facilities, PDF* (1.1MB)

Attachment C:

Technical Appendix B - Housing, PDF* (3.7MB)

Attachment D:

Technical Appendix C - Transportation, PDF* (4.9MB)

Attachment E:

Technical Appendix D - Growth Targets and the Urban Growth Area, PDF* (1MB)

Supporting documents

  • Addendum to Existing Environmental Documents for the 2004 Amendments to the King County Comprehensive Plan, PDF* (120KB)
  • Policy Matrix Appendix, PDF* (22KB)

For More Information

Visit the King County Comprehensive Plan Web site at for additional information.

For questions about King County's Comprehensive Plan, please e-mail us at, or contact:

Paul Reitenbach
Senior Policy Analyst
King County DDES
900 Oakesdale Avenue SW
Renton, WA 98057-5212

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