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King County Board of Health meeting on March 19, 2015


The King County Board of Health holds its monthly meeting on Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 1:30 pm. Updates and briefings to the Board this month include a presentation on strategies for responding to the opioid overdose problem in King County.


The meeting will be held at:

King County Council Chambers
10th Floor, King County Courthouse
516 3rd Avenue, Room 1001


  1. Call to order

  2. Roll call

  3. Announcement of any alternates serving in place of regular members

  4. Approval of Minutes of February 19, 2015

  5. Public comments

  6. Director's Report

Discussion and possible action

  1. R&R No. BOH 15-02
    A Rule and Regulation for the protection of the public health against the spread of rabies; amending R&R 04 01, Section 2 (part), as amended, and BOH 8.04.003, R&R 04 01, Section 2 (part), as amended, and BOH 8.04.005, R&R 30, Section 1, as amended, and BOH 8.04.010, and R&R 30, Section 4, as amended, and BOH 8.04.040; enacted pursuant to RCW 70.05.060, including the latest amendments or revisions thereto.


  1. BOH Briefing No. 15-B05
    Strategies for Responding to the Opioid Overdose Problem in King County
    Caleb Banta-Green, PhD, MSW, MPH, Senior Research Scientist, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute, University of Washington
    Michael Hanrahan, Manager, HIV Education and Prevention Services, Public Health – Seattle & King County

  2. BOH Briefing No. 15-B06
    Legislative Update
    Jennifer Muhm, Legislative Affairs Officer, Public Health – Seattle & King County

  3. Chair's Report

  4. Board Member Updates

  5. Administrator's Report

  6. Other business

  7. Adjournment

If you have questions or need additional information about this agenda, please call 206-263-8791, or write to Maria Wood, Board of Health Administrator via email at

Visit the King County Board of Health web pages at

The King County Board of Health sets county-wide public health policy, enacts and enforces local public health regulations, and carries out other duties of local boards of health specified in state law. These duties include enforcing state public health statutes, preventing and controlling the spread of infectious disease, abating nuisances, and establishing fee schedules for licenses, permits and other services.