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The King County Indigent Remains program provides cremation and a proper burial for individuals who are indigent and who have died in King County. This program serves people whose families either could not be located or could not provide for the proper disposition of remains.

Burial process

Decedents in the program are cremated, and then stored in a secure location at the King County Medical Examiner's Office until a ceremony and burial are held, typically every two years. The decedents are buried in individual containers in shared plots, and records are kept for each one so that they may be recovered at a later point in time if a family member requests.


The King County Indigent Remains program provides funding for cremation for individuals who are indigent and who have died in King County. Eligibility for this program is made after a next-of-kin search, notification and a thorough review of personal finances. This process normally takes at least 21 days.

Recent ceremony

On Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 278 individuals were remembered at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, 100 Blaine Avenue NE, in Renton. The public was invited to attend. The memorial included burial rites, prayers from clergy, a memorial plaque and memories shared by friends.

The names of the individuals buried are listed below.

Abbott, Elizabeth A.
Abbott, Frank
Abrams, Norman A.
Adler, Christopher
Agnew, Justin L.
Ahrnkiel, Kimberley
Anderson, David A.
Argueta, Napoleon
Arrowsmith, James S.
Ashleywing, Iris J.
Atwill, Charles
Ayala, Reno
Baldwin, Guy Neale
Ball, Jerry Dale
Barlow, Roy E.
Barnes, Albert
Bass, Timothy
Betson, Robert E.
Bibby, Kelly
Biber, David P.
Bishop, Bruce
Boyer, Jeffrey P.
Brady, Mark W.
Broadus, Michael
Brooks, Donald
Brown, Billy
Brown, Edward
Brown, Richard
Bruce, George
Burgess, Cynthia
Burke, Jack
Burns, William J.
Bustamante, Lu Ann
Butterfield, Duane
Cahill, Jess
Caldwell, Jonathan
Campos, Baby Boy
Carlson, William
Carrico, Earl A.
Carter, Gary
Chapel, Delores M.
Charlton (Carlton), Nicholas
Cherico, Karl R.
Chesser, Alexander J.
Chilcote, Carl F.
Christopher, John A.
Clark, Alice Mae
Clemmens, Jerry D.
Coffman, Doris
Collin, Jay D.
Collins, Alfred
Conlon, Beatrix
Cook, Donald A.
Cothran, Walter
Courtwright, Milton A.
Crable, Edward
Daft, Kenneth S.
Daniel, Melvin
Dawes, Randy
Dawson Pamela
Degloppen, Richard
Dehline, Luverne
Delys, Bonnie J.
Demello, Thomas S.
Desantiago‐Carillo, Jose
Dew, Oneal
Donaldson, Alan A.
Doyle, Sammy
Draughn, James C.
Duggan Jr., George J.
Earls, Lynda
Eide, James
Ellis, Jerry
Engelman, Frank B.
Ethridge, Richard D.
Fabian, Marjorie
Ferguson, Cleve
Figueroa, Roberto B.
Flynn, Larry A.
Foster, William F.
Franklin, Rudolph L.
Frantz, Adele
Fulghum, Aron
Fuller, Richard
Gaddis, James S.
Garlasa, Janis
Gay, Shane M.
Ghebre, Michael H.
Gibson, Gordon
Gilman, Edwin J.
Gladson, Lloyd J.
Goldberg, Elaine M.
Gonse, Richard

Gonzales, Jose
Gonzalez‐Espinoza, Salvador
Gonzalez‐Peraza, Santiago
Gusewelle, Ronald E.
Hahn, Steven
Hahs, Ralph J.
Hakimian, Samuel
Hanson, Terrance M.
Hashemi, Sharam
Havery, Nathan
Haynes, Gregory A.
Hays, Randy W.
Hearns, Clarence G.
Heckel, Lumir
Hernandez, Elida L.
Herochik, Gregory
Hickman, Kenneth R.
Hill, Gary A.
Hines, Frederick E.
Hodson, Robert E.
Holliday, James M.
Holt, Gilbert E.
Holte, Charles, W.
Hopkins, Floyd D.
Houle, Charlene
Houle, Raymond L.
Howard, Thomas A.
Hudson, Barry Leonard
Hunt, William
Iverson, Carol A.
Jackson Jr., James T.
Jaszczanin, Grzegorz
Jennings, Roberta K.
Jensen, Richard L.
Johanson, Karen L.
Johnson Jr., Wilbert
Johnson, Curtis E.
Jokisch, Thomas L.
Jones, Regan A.
Kazerman, Dan A.
Keeler, Kerry D.
Kennedy, Jerome
Kern, David Greg
Kessel, Judith A.
Kidd, Andrew D.
Kingsolver, David H.
Kodwat, Arthur J.
Kruse, Richard A.
Kyes, Jeffrey J.
Larsen, John
Latorres, Illyeanna M.
Layne‐Ault, Susan
Lee, Lawrence
Leeds, Carol E.
Lemaster, Jerry Linn
Leslie, John B.
Lim, Doo Y.
Lloyd, Douglas E.
Lutzke, Marcus L.
Lynch, George J.
Lynn, Robert J.
Maas, Richard E.
Macdougall, Selena
Mackay, David M.
Magerstaedt, Barbara S.
Maines, Kenny N.
Mallett, Hannelore W.
Mallett, Ruby M.
Manfarroll, Miguel A.
Manson, Donald E.
Margheim, Randall J.
Marrioguin, Candido C.
Marsh, Marlice M.
Marshall, Terry L.
Martin, David
Martin, Paul
Martinka, Diana E.
Matthews, Judith M.
Matthias, Mark C.
May, Jeffrey D.
Maytash, Richard E.
Mccartney, Ronald A.
Mcconell, William H.
Mccormick, Judy
Mccoy, Craig
Mccoy, Edward
Mcgee, Maureen P.
Mchenry, Daryl
Mehaffey, James M.
Mehr, Ted S.
Melberg, James P.
Menteer, David W.
Mercado, Alexander

Micek, John
Miller, Julian
Miller, Mary E
Miller, Robert
Morgan, Frank
Morgan, James R.
Morkunas, Henry
Mosley, Delroy
Muir, Michael D.
Munro, Weston
Murphy, Dola
Murray, Charles
Neal, Troy L.
Nelson, Anne I.
Nelson, Jaime J.
Neuharth, Pauline G.
Ngune, Kano
Norris, Terri
Olsen, Walter E.
Ostojic, Pero
Pace, Otis Lee
Payton, Amber G.
Perkins, Jess
Perry, Harold J.
Phelps, Richard A.
Pierce, Robert
Pyra, Lydia
Quillin, Greer J.
Quintana Jr., Joe R.
Quintero, Emiliano L.
Rakas, Costas J.
Ramsey Eileen L.
Ramsey Roger E.
Ransier, Michael D.
Redmon, Nellie
Reid, Richard
Rieger, David B.
Roberts, Leann B.
Rotaru, Anatoliy S.
Russell, Frank W.
Russell, Steven R.
Sarnes, Mark A.
Schosboek, Patricia A,
Schuster, Sheldon L.
Schwamberger, Carl E.
Scott, Dennis M.
Scott, Dig
Sears, Larry P.
Seay, Alvin L.
Sebestyen, Joseph T.
Sheets‐Parsons, Sharon
Shelley, Paul K.
Sherrill, Grace M.
Shirey, Michael G.
Shook, James W.
Smith Jr., George
Smith, Dorothy
Smith, Frank
Smith, George F.
Smith, Jackson
St. Dennis, Richard
Standinghorn, Gordon T.
Stevens, Joel G.
Stewart, Bruce C.
Stewart, Dorsey L.
Stinson, Michael
Stuart, David C.
Sullivan, Kevin D.
Swed, Irwin
Sylvia, Donna
Taylor, Larry W.
Taylor, Paul
Thornton, Buford
Thou, Sarum
Threlkeld, Jerry S.
Tillman, Nadga M.
Tippy, Alan H.
Tooley, Alfred D.
Travess, Judy A.
Tsuchikawa, Mason
Tullett, William H.
Ufuti, Faatoaga T.
Valdehueza, Kennedy L.
Virtcheva, Svetla
Voegele, Alfred
Walker, Eric M.
Wheeler, Dyann
Williams Jr., Solomon M.
Williams, Warren
Wright, Theodore R.
York Jr., George W.
Zalez, Jose A.