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The Food Protection Program reviews and approves construction plans for retail food establishments in King County; such as restaurants, caterers, grocery stores, school cafeterias and mobile food vehicles. The Food Protection Program also reviews applications for farmer's markets, temporary food booths as well as feeding programs for the needy.
  • Food establishment types

Select a type of food establishment that best describes your business to learn more about how to obtain a food business permit:

  • Other types of food establishments

  • Cottage food and wholesale food operations
    These businesess are regulated by the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture.

  • Food operations and bake sales that do not need permits (food exemptions)
    Some types of food service operations that are regulated by other agencies or that present minimal risk to causing foodborne illness do not need to obtain a permit. Even so, it is important to follow safe food handling practices like washing your hands and storing the food in a safe place.

  • Key resources

  • Food worker card class and test
    All employees of a food establishment including cooks, bartenders, servers, hosts, bus persons, etc. are required to obtain a Washington State Food Worker Card. You can take the class and test conveniently online or go to any of our in-person classes. 

  • Meat cutter license
    If your job requires the cutting of fresh beef, veal, lamb and/or pork within a meat establishment you will need to pass an exam to obtain a personal occupational Meat Cutter license in addition to the Food Worker Card exam.

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