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Moms Plus program

Provides a variety of services for a diverse population of pregnant and parenting women who have low incomes.

The focus of service is to improve health care access for women and their families by encouraging prenatal care, substance abuse treatment, stable housing and reduction in the risk of infant death.

Download a brochure or click on the options below to learn about the program:

Pregnant mom
  • Asthma outreach
  • Home visits
  • Perinatal outreach and infant mortality prevention
  • Jail health collaboration
  • Maternity Case Management/Maternity Support Services
  • Mobile WIC
  • Nutrition services
  • OB services screening
  • Social worker
  • Women, Infants and Children Nutrition Program (WIC)
  • AIDS services
  • Tuberculosis clinic
  • Child Care Health Program
  • Crisis Clinic
  • Chemical abuse and dependency services
  • Country Doctor Community Health Center

This program provides community outreach, resources, advocacy and support to a diverse population of low income pregnant and parenting women and their families who are in need of quality health care and social services. Assistance to pregnant women to establish prenatal care.

  • Community resources for homeless women
  • Assistance in accessing drug/alcohol treatment
  • Education and counseling to reduce and prevent infant mortality
  • Provides problem solving, life skills counseling and intervention
  • Nutrition education, referrals and checks for specific foods to pregnant and parenting women, infants and children at treatment sites
  • Nutrition counseling at treatment sites for pregnant/ early post partum women as part of Maternity Support
  • Provides some home delivery of WIC/MSS to pregnant/parenting women in treatment or planning to enter treatment soon

Support services for pregnant, substance using women from pregnancy through one year post partum.

Case management by professionals including Public Health Nurses and Social Workers

  • Coordination of high risk care, including prenatal, dental and pediatric care
  • Information about growth, development and health
  • Provides childbirth education
  • Parenting information about drug exposed infants and children

Coordination of treatment services

  • Referrals to the King County Assessment Center
  • Provides facilitation of entry into inpatient and outpatient treatment
  • Assists with discharge planning and referrals to clean and sober housing
  • Referral to community resources

Referrals to mental health counseling

  • Referrals to sexual abuse/domestic violence groups
  • Arranges transportation
  • Referrals to parenting classes
  • Provides WIC and nutritional counseling

Legal advocacy

  • Jail outreach and coordination
  • Referrals to treatment and legal support services

MOMs Plus
2124 4th Ave, Suite 300
Seattle WA 98121
Phone: 206-477-8300
Fax: 206-296-7484

Kids Plus Program

Kids Plus program

Provides assistance for children and their families experiencing homelessness. It provides support from a multi-disciplinary team of nursing, social work, chemical dependency, housing and eligibility specialists during times of transition. It also helps to address any barriers to housing for the family.

Download a brochure or click on the options below to learn about the program:

  • Facilitation of entry into housing case management programs
  • Provides ongoing contact and support with families up to 6 months after they are permanently housed and care coordination for those families moving out of King County
  • Supplemental household items for move-in
  • Coordination of care for children and their families experiencing health issues
  • Linkages to medical care; including pediatric, prenatal care, mental health and specialty care
  • Information about growth, development, preventive care and chronic health conditions
  • Referrals to parenting classes, WIC and other family programs
  • Provides assistance with linkages to transportation needs
  • Assistance with applying for medical insurance and disability
  • Assistance with entry into schools and childcare centers including assistance with securing transportation and paperwork
  • Supplemental school clothing and supplies for children
  • Families must be residing in King County and currently homeless upon entry into program (e.g. staying in shelter or street, cannot be doubled up)
  • The household must include at least one child under 18 years old (does include temporary out of home custody)
  • Kids Plus does not operate housing or provide housing, we are skilled, though, in assisting families in getting families back into housing
  • The family must be willing to meet with service providers on a regular basis and the program is voluntary

Please call or fax contact information for the family and we will follow up to determine program eligibility and offer referrals and resources as appropriate.

Attention: Kids Plus
Phone: 206-477-8300
Fax: 206-296-7484

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