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Program Overview

King County's Apprenticeship Program is committed to fostering partnerships with labor, business, and the local community to create a skilled workforce that reflects the diversity of the county's population.

How the Program Benefits Workers and the Community

The King County Apprenticeship Program is part of a concerted regional effort to address population trends in recent demographic studies that forecast a shortage of skilled construction workers in the Puget Sound region. An essential component of the program is the inclusion of minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged youth as apprentices on certain county construction projects. Resulting journey workers can enter the region's pool of skilled labor, fully qualified for jobs. In addition to promoting a well-trained diverse workforce that is critical to the economic and social vitality of the Puget Sound region, an apprentice can begin a career path in an essential industry, while earning a livable family wage.

King County establishes apprenticeship requirements on select construction projects. Total labor hours and opportunity for training are the determining factors in establishing apprenticeship requirements.

Accomplishments include:

  • Revised apprenticeship requirements to set participation levels based on the contract scope of work;
  • Improved communication to gather and report the use of apprentices on county contracts;
  • Strengthened mechanisms to support contractor compliance with the apprenticeship requirements;
  • Implemented a web-based reporting system for use by contractors to report all labor hours worked by apprentices by trade and craft; and
  • The Apprenticeship Program includes hiring goals for minorities and women for County-funded construction projects that contain the apprenticeship requirements.

Registering as an Apprentice, or Hiring an Apprentice

For information on registering as an apprentice or hiring apprentices, visit the Washington State Labor and Industries Website at (external link).

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