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Foundation walls frame base of future facility

October 27, 2017 

CFJC construction crews haven't taken one day of autumn sunshine for granted as they move ahead on erecting foundation walls. Foundation work laying began after the majority of excavation was completed earlier this year. In the photo to the right, crews spray shotcrete in layers to fortify walls. 

Construction work that has already taken place includes the demolition of long-unused buildings, sewer re-routes, excavation, and installation of a tower crane with a 130-foot hook height and 246-foot boom width. Right now, construction workers are assembling the building foundation. The project is on track for completion in 2020.  


Site work for the CFJC project underway

September 20, 2017 

If you’ve passed by the Youth Services Center over the last few months, you’ve noticed that work on Children and Family Justice Center project is well underway. Project contractor Howard S. Wright has demolished a building that had gone unused on the site for years, clearing and preparing the area for construction. 

As construction preparation continues, the site at 1211 Alder Street has been reconfigured with fences dividing new parking areas from the construction zone. The new parking lots include a staff lot on the southwest corner and another lot closest to the entrance for accessible and carpool parking. A larger lot for Youth Services Center staff and visitors is on the northwest corner of the site. This lot is serviced by a valet service that is free with no tips for Youth Services Center staff and visitors.

King County is dedicated to maintaining on-site parking space for Youth Services Center staff and visitors so that impacts on the neighborhood are minimal. More than 50 Youth Services Center employees have taken advantage of carpool, biking and public transit programs to reduce the number of cars coming to the site on weekdays. 

Howard S. Wright’s flaggers on 12th Avenue and 14th Avenue will continue to assist with keeping auto and pedestrian traffic moving safely as trucks access the construction site.




Transit options to grow on 12th Avenue with new Metro bus stop

King County Metro is working with the Children and Family Justice Center Project team to design and add a bus stop in front of the future facility.

This stop will add more easily accessible public transit in a quickly growing area that's recently added streetcar and light rail stops. Bus routes for this stop will be selected toward the final stages of the project, which is scheduled to open in 2020.

Designs for the CFJC include extra space near the stop for benches, potential food carts and other activities in the open area on the 12th Avenue side of the CFJC.

The stop helps provide needed transit service to this neighborhood. It also aids King County's goal of encouraging its employees to use alternatives to single occupant-car commutes to work.

Metro Transit operates one of the greenest bus fleets in the nation. About 70% of its fleet is either hybrid or electric, and it's on track to have an all-hybrid and -electric fleet by 2018.

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