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July 2016

King County received one item in the docket period that closed on June 30, 2016. The small number of submittals is typical of docket periods that coincide with the major four year update cycle, wherein proposed changes are considered in the Comprehensive Plan Update process rather than the Docket Process.

April 2016:  The County Council has begun its review of the Executive Recommended 2016 Plan.  The review will include multiple committee meetings and one community meeting on April 6 at 6:30 pm in Ravensdale.

Learn more about the Council's review schedule and process.

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March 2016

After more than a year of research and engagement, County Executive Dow Constantine transmitted the Executive Recommended 2016 Comprehensive Plan to the County Council. In transmitting the Plan, Executive Constantine wrote:

"The Executive Recommended Plan continues to build on King County’s 25 years of success in implementing the Growth Management Act and also responds to critical new challenges, such as providing equitable access to opportunity, reducing carbon pollution, positioning the County to respond to a changing climate, addressing housing affordability, and strengthening mobility options.

I encourage you to view the Executive Recommended Plan and remain actively engaged over the coming months as the King County Council moves the plan towards adoption later in 2016.  Together, we can ensure that that our region continues to manage growth effectively while protecting thriving rural and resource lands, and remain in compliance with the Growth Management Act."

The release follows a two-month public comment period that included six community meetings with nearly 300 attendees. In addition to verbal comments at the meetings, King County received about 90 letters, comment cards, and emails.

Read more in the March 2016 Comp Plan eNewsletter.




    Comment Period Ends:  The 2-month public comment period ended on January 6 and nearly 70 comment letters/emails/comment cards were submitted.  These contain hundreds of individual comments that are now being compiled and carefully considered as the Executive Recommended Plan is developed.  The compiled comments will be available when the Plan is transmitted to the County Council on March 1, 2016.

    Community Meeting on Jan 27 regarding potential removal of East Cougar Mountain area from the City of Issaquah's Annexation Area and King County's Urban Growth Area.  As noted in the December 23 Comp Plan eNewsletter, the County is considering this request from the City and is soliciting community input before the Executive Recommended Plan is transmitted.  

    Following the release of the Public Review Draft on November 6, the County hosted five community meetings and about 200 people attended. Comments will be carefully considered and adjustments made to the Draft Plan.

    The meeting presentation is posted below and a summary of the meetings as well as a verbatim listing of all written comments will be included with the Executive Recommended Plan transmittal at the beginning of March 2016.

    Additional Community Meeting: On December 8, the City of Issaquah submitted a letter to King County requesting that the East Cougar Mountain be removed from the City's Potential Annexation Area.  King County is working to schedule a public meeting, likely during the week of January 18 to 22, to solicit community input on this request before the Executive Recommended Plan is transmitted in March.  The meeting time, date and location will be posted as soon as it is finalized.

    Read more in the December Comp Plan e-newsletter.

    Docket Report: The County Executive transmitted the 2015 Docket Report to the Council on the first business day in December, per King County Code 20.18.140.  The docket is a method by which citizens can propose a change to the Comprehensive Plan.

    The report contains the Executive Recommendation to the sixteen docket submittals.  The next step in the process is for the County Council to consider the recommendations as part of their work on the Comprehensive Plan update, which will begin after the Executive Recommended Plan is transmitted to them on March 1, 2016.

    After six intensive months of work, the Public Review Draft of the 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update in now available.  The 2016 update is a major four-year review of the Comprehensive Plan, and the 2016 Public Review Draft represents an important step in the update process.  The draft includes proposed changes to Policies, Area zoning and land use studies and Code Amendments.  These changes respond to Motion 14351 - the Scope of Work Topical Areas.  As noted below, there are four community meetings scheduled and public comment will be accepted until January 6, 2016.  

    See the news item below and read more in the November Comp Plan e-newsletter.

    Following the release of the Public Review Draft, King County has scheduled four community meetings to share and listen to community members comments. 

    NEW: View Community meetings presentation 

    Please join us at:

    • Vashon/Maury Island 
      Monday, November 9 
      6:30 to 8:30 PM 
      McMurray Middle School 
      9329 Cemetery Road SW, Vashon

    • Four Creeks/Maple Valley/SE King County
      Tuesday, November 17 
      6:30  to 8:30 PM 
      Maple Valley Sheriff Precinct 3 
      22300 SE 231st, King County
    • West Hill/North Highline/West King County 
      Thursday,  November 19 
      6:30  to 8:30 PM 
      Fire District 20 Administration Building 
      12424 76th Avenue South, Skyway
    • Snoqualmie Valley/Bear Creek-Sammamish 
      Wednesday, December 2
      6:30  to 8:30 PM 
      Fall City Fire Station No. 27 
      4301 334th Place SE, Fall City
    • Vashon/Maury Island 
      Monday, December 14 
      7:00 to 8:30 PM 
      McMurray Middle School 
      9329 Cemetery Road SW, Vashon

    King County will release the 2016 Comprehensive Plan Public Review Draft on November 6, 2015, via the County's website and through an email notice sent to the Comprehensive Plan mailing list (note: join the mailing list by clicking the envelope icon to the right).

    The Public Comment Period will continue until January 6, 2016.  Following this, departments will finalize the "Executive Recommended Draft" and transmit to the County Council on March 1, 2016.  

    Read more in the October Comp Plan e-Newsletter.

    The kick-off for the 2016 four-year update of the King County Comprehensive Plan began with the development and transmittal of the Scope of Work.

    The Scope of Work is a high-level assessment of the topical issue to be addressed in the subsequent update of the Plan.  It also informs the public and the King County Council as to the range and types of issues to be considered.

    On May 11, 2015, the Council adopted Motion 14351, which includes the Scope of Work and Public Participation Plan.  Subsequent review and action on the plan by the Council is expected in the Fall of 2016.  See the Overview of 2016 KCCP Update Schedule in the sidebar for next steps in the update process.  

    Read more in the May Comp Plan e-newsletter.

    After two months of working with departments and community organizations, the Executive transmitted a Scope of Work for the 2016 Update to the Comprehensive Plan, per King County Code 20.18.160.  The Scope of Work is a high-level assessment of the topical issue to be addressed in the subsequent update of the Plan. The themes of the Scope of Work are centered around the four priorities of Executive Constantine: equity and social justice, climate change, regional mobility, and best run government.

    Read more in the March Comp Plan e-Newsletter

    About the Comprehensive Plan:

    The King County Comprehensive Plan (KCCP) is the guiding policy document for all land use and development regulations in unincorporated King County, and for regional services throughout the County including transit, sewers, parks, trails and open space. For more information, read the Schedule Overview below or read about the History of the Plan.

    The current plan is the 2012 King County Comprehensive Plan (adopted December 2012, amended November 2013 and June 2014), as adopted by the King County Council.

    Updating the Comprehensive Plan

    Every year the Comprehensive Plan can be amended to address technical updates and make revisions that do not require substantive policy changes. KCC 20.18.070

    Every fourth year, the "Four-Year Cycle" process occurs to conduct a complete review of the plan. In this review, broader policy issues can be addressed and the plan amended accordingly.

    Site-specific land use changes are considered either annually or every fourth year, depending on the extent of change proposed. KCC 20.18.060

    See the amendment process for detailed information about proposing changes to the KCCP.


    For more information please contact:

    Ivan Miller, AICP
    Comprehensive Planning Manager
    Performance, Strategy and Budget
    Karen Wolf, AICP
    Senior Policy Analyst
    Performance, Strategy and Budget