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Unofficial list

Below are the resolutions submitted by jurisdictions to place a measure on the ballot. The deadline to submit a resolution is August 1. The official list of ballot measures will be available about 45 days prior to the election.


King County
Proposition No. 1
Levy Lid Lift for Veterans, Seniors and Vulnerable Populations


City of Burien
Initiative Measure No. 1


Federal Way School District No. 210
Proposition No. 1
Bonds to Construct New Classrooms and Replace and Renovate Aging and Deteriorating School Facilities - $450,000,000

Special Purpose Districts

King County Fire Protection District No. 20
Proposition No. 1
Levy of General Tax for Maintenance and Operations
King County Fire Protection District No. 43
Proposition No. 1
Maintaining Property Tax Levy Rate of Up to $1.50 per $1,000 of Assessed Valuation for a Six Year Period (2018-2023)
(Note: if the August 2017 primary ballot measure passes, this measure will be withdrawn)
Vashon Island Fire & Rescue
Proposition No. 1
Authorizing Restoration of Previous Property Tax Levy Rate
Si View Metropolitan Park District
Proposition No. 1
Protection of Current Tax Levy from Prorationing
East Bellevue Community Municipal Corporation
Proposition No. 1
​Continuation of Community Municipal Corporation
Houghton Community Municipal Corporation
Proposition No. 1
Continuation of Community Municipal Corporation

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