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Since 1999, the county's Department of Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP) has commissioned a water quality survey to get feedback on water quality issues from King County residents.

The survey is conducted by an independent research firm that randomly polls 400 King County residents age 18 and older.

The survey helps us understand how we're meeting our values and goals, allows residents to rate environmental issues in our region, and measures support for recycled wastewater products (biosolids, reclaimed water) and increased funding for services.

King County DNRP used to conduct the survey annually, and made a decision in 2007 to do it every two years as a cost-saving measure. We will commission the next survey in 2017.

2015 water quality survey summary 

Key findings

  • A strong majority of residents give King County positive ratings for the job it is doing providing wastewater treatment services.
  • Climate change/global warming has moved to the top mention over water quality as the most important environmental issue facing our region today.
  • The overwhelming majorities favor using recycled biosolids and recycled/reclaimed water.
  • The majority of residents support funding King County efforts to reduce its environmental impact.
You can download and view documents (PDF files) using a PDF Reader.

Water quality survey, (October 2015)

Past surveys