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Imagine an internship where you...

  • contribute to the protection of public health and the environment
  • conduct field inspections, sewer sampling, flow monitoring and manhole locates
  • learn about project management including cost estimating, budget, and schedule for large construction and maintenance projects
  • create websites and troubleshoot information technology (IT) issues
  • work on green building and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (L.E.E.D) projects
  • learn Geographical Information System (GIS) databases and map locales
  • participate in pump replacement data collection and support
  • present your individual or team project to wastewater staff and peers
Visit the WTD education program for a list of high school summer internships and career opportunity events and career fairs.

See yourself in one of these college internships

This is a sample list of current and past internships for fully enrolled undergraduate and graduate students.
Provide community relations support for multiple projects required under the combined sewer overflow (CSO) consent decree, including large traditional infrastructure projects, green stormwater infrastructure projects, and the RainWise Program which is a rebate program for property owners to capture stormwater on their property. Intern will participate in planning and hosting public events, developing and distributing communication materials, attending community events, making connections with community members. Intern will participate in soliciting "big roof" projects as potential RainWise demonstration projects.

Support efforts in the WTD Sustainability Program and Planning Section. Work may include:

  • Sustainability Program Support (25%): Green Stormwater Infrastructure evaluating WTD projects identified as possible Living Building Challenge; researching GSI project potential for Living Building Challenge certification; supporting the development of a WTD sustainability annual report and other sustainability activities as defined.
  • Planning Program Support (50%): supporting strategic planning for biosolids, reclaimed water, energy and technology groups. Assist with development of strategic plans for recovered resources through meeting organizing, researching other agencies, and organizing case studies.
  • Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Program Support (25%): Support the development of sustainability metrics for CSO program alternatives. Review alternative ratings and apply sustainability metrics to each alternative. Develop sustainability and Equity and Social Justice approaches to each alternative
Collect information from the field and verify information in existing drawings, including: P&ID and Mechanical drawings; organize information and provide easy access for end customers.
Assisting project engineer in design of facilities, cost estimating specification writing, equipment research and development of construction drawings. Working with field operations and maintenance staff to understand needs at the facilities and develop alternatives. Develop construction schedules for planned work. Review construction submittals. Observe construction at projects underway under the supervision of Construction Management staff. Development of lifecycle costs and environmental checklist information.
Coordinate and implement identified efficiency-related efforts as required, tour and inventory various wastewater facilities, familiarize with what an energy group in a progressive wastewater utility does on a daily basis.
Assisting the Project Engineer on mechanical projects ranging from design to construction. Duties may include design, construction submittal review, coordination of construction with plant operations and construction inspection.
Support an effort to identify, assess, and prioritize natural habitats on WTD properties and easements for ecological restoration. With staff support, 1) create a database of WTD properties with natural habitat components; 2) assess the importance of restoration at each property based on existing ecological data and regional restoration plans; and 3) assess the feasibility of high-value ecological restoration at selected properties based on site visits. Support WTD staff in developing a prioritization scheme for WTD properties that will support decision-making related to ecological restoration in the contexts of capital project design, facility operations, and sustainability efforts.
Assist the Project Manager to: Develop a Policy and Procedures Manual for the Finance & Administration section regarding the use of SharePoint; and work with F&A staff to move documents to SharePoint.
Research and build a GIS dataset that represents the properties and structures owned and maintained by KCWTD with an end goal of a web map for accessing their attributes, photographs, and histories. Will work closely with KCWTD GIS staff to develop a design and identify resources. Will interface with offsite, asset management, and engineering groups to ensure all stakeholders' needs are met. Will include some field work for QA/QC and photograph gathering.
Gain an introduction to public sector Human Resources including recruitment, testing, selection, labor relations, metrics, succession planning and leadership development. Will assist in recruitment projects including research for recruitment sourcing, data and metrics, observe labor/management activity, process improvement for the HR Sharepoint website, electronic file storage, employee development/succession planning efforts and Equity and Social Justice efforts.
Become familiar with pretreatment regulations and the use of control documents such as permits, discharge authorizations, and letters of authorization. Learn about the work of sampling specialist and investigator positions through shadowing of staff in the field during visits to industrial facilities. Learn/develop skill in managing information using an Oracle based database; search & data entry. Learn customer service skills; how to contact, interact with facility contacts and the public as a regulator.
Gain an understanding of inventory management, inventory control, expediting, and warehouse management. Duties could include: Input and research inventory and disbursement records, inventory adjustments and parts history/usage. Review daily computer reports and reconcile computer reports with source documents. Expedite parts delivery from multiple warehouses; pick up and deliver items as required. Perform basic warehousing and stocking functions using material handling equipment, load and unload items and acknowledge receipt of goods and services. Assist with physical inventory and cycle counting.
Assist in the preparation of project scopes of work, budgets, work breakdown structures, schedules, and project deliverables. Assist in project and program analysis and reporting. Develop Sharepoint sites for project and program file organization and reporting.
Current postings

Summer 2017 college internship posting is now closed. Please check back in January 2018 for summer internship posting.

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