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Public Meeting

Join us to learn about the project and ask questions of the project team. Interpreter services are available by request.

Wednesday, April 12, 6:30 – 8 p.m.
Emily Dickinson Elementary School (external link)
7040 208th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98053


金郡将安装两个雨水蓄水池,一个安装在Northeast 78th Street,另一个安装在Northeast 76th Place,为该区的发展项目提供充分的雨水控制。雨水蓄水池是密封的地下水泥箱,有助于放缓雨水的排放,防止污染,保护水质。




如有任何问题,请联系Claire Jonson,联系方式为claire.jonson@kingcounty.gov或206-477-4720。 


여러분 지역에서 곧 있을 이 수질 개선 프로젝트에 관한 논의에 참여 바랍니다

킹 카운티에서는 두 곳에 빗물 저장 탱크를 설치하게 되며, Northeast 78th Street에 하나 Northeast 76th Place에 하나를 설치하여 이 지역 개발에 적절한 빗물 관리를 제공하게 될 것입니다. 빗물 저장 탱크는 밀폐된 지하 콘크리트 상자로, 빗물의 방출을 늦추어 오염을 방지하고 수질을 보호하게 합니다. 

제안된 프로젝트 일정

2017년 4월 – 7월: 최종 설계 및 시공 조달

2017년 8월 – 10월: 건설

문의처: Claire Jonson씨의 전자우편 또는 전화 206-477-4720.   

다음 전화로 요청하면 다른 언어나 체재 또는 통역 서비스를 받을 수 있습니다: 도우미 전화: 206-477-4800 또는 TTY: 711. 

Project description

The Evans Creek Tributary 108 is located in the Northeast Quarter, Sections 4, 5, 8, and 9, Township 25, Range 6 East WM, in King County.  Tributary 108 is within the Bear-Evans Creek watershed.

This project was partially funded by Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) Grant. Evans Creek was selected for this project because it has a high score on Ecology’s Watershed Integrity Index and ranked high on the County’s list of Small Basins for Retrofit.

The basin is approximately 397 acres, dominantly Alderwood and Everett soils, and surface area of approximately 37 % forest and 16% impervious area.  The Tributary 108 basin has experienced a significant amount of development that occurred before adequate stormwater controls were required on new development, which has degraded the tributary's water quality/health and contributed to documented degradation of Evans Creek.

Evans Creek tributary 108 location map
Evans Creek Tributary 108 Small Stream Basin Retrofit Project Location Map (1.5 Mb pdf)

Project goal

The purpose of this project is to conduct small basin stormwater retrofit planning and design.

Project activities


Vinicity map

NE 76th Place and NE 78th Street Detention Vaults Stormwater Retrofit

Project description 

This project will improve water quality in the Evans Creek Tributary 108 through installation of detention vaults in the right of way, in between house addresses 20620 and 20626 NE 76th Place and in front of house address 20508 Northeast 78th Street near Redmond, in unincorporated King County. This project will reduce peak flows and sediment loading to Evans Creek Tributary 108 by providing stormwater detention. This project is partially funded by the Washington State Department of Ecology Water Quality Combined Financial Assistance Grant WQC-201-KCWLRD-00056.

Summary milestone schedules

  • Complete Final Design Plans, Reports and Specifications by June, 2017
  • Complete Construction of Project by November 1, 2017 


King County plans to hold a community meeting in late March or early April, 2017.

For more information about the Small Stream Basin Retrofit Program, please contact Claire Jonson, Project Manager, WLR Capital Services Unit.