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Algal bloom (partner site)
Algae may be toxic. Please call 206-477-4605 or e-mail.

Noxious weed infestation

Noxious weed infestation
Report a weed site, please call 206-477-WEED or e-mail.

Drainage or water quality

Drainage or water quality
Stormwater runoff and surface water quality problems call 206-477-4811.

ilegal dumping

Illegal dumping
Report illegal dumping call 206-296-SITE or toll-free at 1-866-431-7483.

About WLR Division

Mark Isaacson A message from the director:
Mark Isaacson

Our Mission
King County Water and Land Resources Division is helping to protect King County's water and lands so that its citizens can enjoy them safely today, and for generations to come.

News and announcements

Aug. 11, 2015
External article, Seattle Times
Shortage ahead? Seattle-area consumers asked to cut water use by 10%

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