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What is the difference between the State Developmental Disabilities Administration and the King County Developmental Disabilities Division?

    The DSHS/DDA is responsible for determining eligibility and authorizing paid services. The DSHS/DDA currently provides the following services and programs: case management, Medicaid Personal Care, residential services, residential habilitation centers, family support, dental, mental health, Voluntary Placement Foster Care program, and the Medically Intensive program. The DSHS/DDA administers services on a regional basis. Region 2 is the DSHS/DDA office that serves King County.

    The KCDDD is responsible for providing employment and day program services. The KCDDD currently provides the following services: Early Intervention/Birth-to-Three, employment, community access, housing, in-home family counseling, social and recreational activities, information and assistance, advocacy, homelessness projects, and program development/technical assistance.

How can I get employment services from KCDDD?

How do I apply for DSHS/DDA services?

    If you are, or will be, living in King County, contact DSHS/DDA at 206-568-5700 or 1-800-314-3296. For additional information, visit their website. (external)

How do I apply for Social Security benefits?

    To receive benefits from the Social Security Administration, you must go through an application process. To begin this process, contact Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 or visit their website.

What is the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)?

    The DSHS/DVR provides a wide variety of services that support eligible individuals to obtain employment, including vocational guidance, counseling, and development of an employment plan. For more information about their services, including how to apply, visit their website (external).

What is the Working Age Adult Policy?

    The Working Age Adult Policy is a policy issued by DSHS/DDA that promotes gainful employment in integrated settings in the community for adults with developmental disabilities who are between the ages of 21 and 62. Find out more here.

What is an Employment Service Provider?

    An Employment Service Provider is a KCDDD contracted agency that supports people with disabilities to prepare for, obtain, and maintain successful employment.

    There are over 20 Employment Service Providers contract with King County, many with years of expertise in supporting individuals with disabilities to reach their work goals. Many of these Employment Service Providers are also contracted with DSHS/DVR. Employment Service Providers can also be referred to as Vendors, Employment Agencies, and Community Rehabilitation Programs.

    See list of King County Employment Service Providers.

How do I choose an Employment Service Provider?

    Choosing which Employment Service Provider to work with can depend upon a number of issues, including geographic location, availability of funding, and the overall sense that the relationship is a "good fit." You are encouraged to call different agencies and gather more information about their mission and services before making a decision. Find out more about how to choose a provider. (pdf)

How do I pay for services offered by an Employment Service Provider?

    Employment Service Providers can be paid through a variety of resources, including DSHS/DVR, DSHS/DDA, KCDDD, DSHS/DDA Home and Community Based Services Waivers, Social Security Work Incentives, and private payment.

Do I need to utilize the support of an Employment Service Provider?

    No. Employment Service Providers are just one option for having job support. For example, some people locate jobs on their own or with the support of family. Additionally, once employed, some people may solely utilize the natural support of coworkers and supervisors at their place of employment.
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