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The Auditor's Office receives highest marks in peer review

In order to ensure audit quality and adherence to Government Auditing Standards, the King County Auditor’s Office is required to undergo a peer review every three years. Our reviewers were on site in March, evaluating the period from January 2014 through December 2016. They conducted a thorough review that included evaluation of internal monitoring procedures, assessment of a sample of audit documentation, and staff interviews to appraise knowledge and skills. We passed! In addition, they noted excellence in the following areas:

  • Highly qualified and experienced staff
  • Collaborative environment leverages knowledge and abilities
  • Innovative project management techniques encourage efficiency and results
  • Credible reports which are informative and impactful

Read the 2017 peer review

The Council adopted our 2017-2018 work program. You can see it here (link). Be watching for our upcoming briefings to the King County Council and publication of reports.

Upcoming publications

  • The Transit IT audit will be presented in the TrEE Committee on May 16th.

  • The Paratransit audit will be presented in the TrEE Committee on June 6th.

  • The Sheriff’s Office Overtime audit will be presented in both the GAO and Law & Justice Committees on June

Audits in progress

Audit: Paratransit  

Audit: Transit Information Technology
Audit: King County Sheriff Overtime
Audit: Public Health
Audit: Department of Permitting and Environmental Review
Audit: Rapid Ride
Audit: Homelessness
Audit: Best Starts for Kids Levy
Audit: Tax Title Properties


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