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Mailing Address:
c/o King County Superior Court
516 3rd Ave, Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104

Courtroom Number: W-965

Phone: 206-477-3720


Bailiff: Theodore Hong

Department: 22

Assignment: Civil

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Rules to Review before Calling

Motions Without Argument: Local Rule 7(b); Trial Continuances: Local Rule 40; Summary Judgment: Local Rule 56 and Civil Rule 56. Attorneys will be expected to be apprised of all other pertinent court rules.

Change of case assignment, consolidation of cases, and show cause hearing confirmation inquiries should be directed to the Chief Civil Department.

Prior to Appearing in Judge Hill's Court for Hearings or Trial

If you anticipate the need to use videos, power point, ELMO, or even easels, you should visit the courtroom before your hearing or trial to plan your set-up in a manner that will be most efficient and effective. Please discuss your needs with the bailiff and do not assume that the court will have any particular equipment available for your use.

Motions Practice in Judge Hill's Court

If you want the court to look favorably on your motion, be sure to follow the rules. The most common mistakes are: (1) failure to provide a stamped, addressed envelope for each and every party requiring notice, (2) failure to provide an original, signed, proposed order, and (3) failure to note the time and date for consideration of the motion in the upper right hand corner of all documents pertaining to the motion.

The bailiff calendars and sorts the documents related to each motion by the date for consideration and the title of the motion. If there is more than one motion pending in a case, separate responses and replies should be made for each motion; combined responses may be missed.

Please place bulky pleadings and attachments into notebooks with appropriate tabs.

Please do not confirm motions without oral argument.

All working papers should be mailed or delivered directly to the judges' mailroom.

Requests for oral argument on motions without oral argument must be requested in the pleadings. The judge will review the motion on the date noted, and if further argument is necessary, the bailiff will contact the parties to schedule a hearing.

Stipulated or agreed motions do not need to be noted for hearing.

Finally, the bailiff cannot tell litigants when the judge will rule on any particular motion. However, if you are concerned that time has passed without a ruling, you are welcome to call the bailiff to be sure that the paperwork was indeed received by the court, and to request that you be contacted when a ruling has been made.

Summary Judgment Motions

The moving party is required to make note of the following information and communicate this information to the opposing party/parties as well:

  • Pertinent parts of deposition transcripts and other exhibits/attachments accompanying the motion and responsive papers must be highlighted.
  • Notification to strike the hearing should be done in writing (via email or fax) at least 3 days prior to the hearing if at all possible.
  • The court will not allow cross motions or additional related motions with oral argument without prior approval.

Settlement / Strike Motion

Please call or e-mail the bailiff immediately if a case settles or a motion needs to be stricken from the court's calendar.

Trial Preparation

  • Status conferences, CR 16 conferences, or pre-trial conferences will be scheduled at the discretion of the court or upon request of the parties and approval of the court.
  • Please notify the court immediately if there are issues affecting your trial such as witness availability, interpreter needs, scheduling issues or other special needs.