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Department of Judicial Administration

Step Up Program
1211 E. Alder St, #360
Seattle, WA  98122
(206) 296-7841

Lily Anderson

Greg Routt


Mission Statement

Step-Up believes respect is at the heart of all healthy family relationships. Step-Up helps youth and parents build respectful relationships where all family members feel safe and valued.

To achieve this mission, we provide:

  • Group counseling for youth who have been violent at home, and support and education for victimized parents.
  • Safety planning with youth and parents when the youth is being released from juvenile detention on a domestic violence charge.
  • Community education about adolescent domestic violence with family members.

Step-Up is a nationally recognized domestic violence counseling program for teens that have been violent with family members. Violent behavior includes threats, intimidation, property destruction, degrading language and physical violence. The goal of Step-Up is for youth to stop using violent behavior and to replace abusive with respectful behavior so that all family members feel safe at home.  Learn more...