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Marriage licensing

Records and Licensing Services Division

Marriage Licensing
King County Administration Building
500 Fourth Ave., Suite 430
Seattle, WA 98104
Fax 206-205-8396

Customer Service Hours
Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm

Applying For a Marriage License

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! King County is pleased to provide this information to help make applying for your marriage license quick and easy.

Use the quick links below to navigate the application process and requirements.

Applicant Requirements
  • Both applicants must be currently unmarried.
  • Both parties must be at least 18 years of age or can meet the age requirements.
  • The parties are not nearer of kin to each other than second cousins, whole or half blood.
  • A marriage between two persons that is valid in another jurisdiction is valid in Washington State if the marriage is not prohibited by Washington State law (external link).
Age Requirements

Minimum Age

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, unless they satisfy the requirements for underage applicants listed below.

17-Year-Old Applicants

  • Seventeen-year-old parties can apply if one of the following conditions is met:
    1. A parent or legal guardian submits a notarized statement of consent (available at any marriage licensing location).
      • Please bring a certified copy of the applicant's birth certificate or documents establishing legal guardianship.
    2. The applicant is legally emancipated and takes the court-certified copy of the emancipation document with them to apply.

Under Age 17

  • Parties under age 17 can apply only when the age requirement is waived by a superior court judge of the county in which one of the parties resides. Each party to the marriage that is under 17 years of age must present a waiver specifically naming them.
  • King County residents should call King County Superior Court, Family Court Section, 206-296-9390 for information.
Apply In Person
  • Both parties will go to any one of our sites (listed below), bring photo ID and pay the $64 fee (cash or local check only, no debit or credit cards), and complete the application. The license will be issued at that time but does not become valid until a three-day waiting period has expired.
  • NOT required to apply: witnesses, blood tests, birth certificates (unless applicant is under 18), or divorce papers (divorce must be final and filed).
  • King County marriage licenses can be acquired at many locations throughout King County. Some of these locations are open late. Click on a site, below, to obtain its schedule, phone number, address, and driving directions.
Apply By Mail
  • Download a Marriage License Application (PDF)
  • Both affidavit sections must be completed (using current, full, legal names), signed and notarized, and the original document sent to King County Marriage Licensing.
  • Send completed and notarized applications, along with a $64 money order or cashier's check payable to King County Marriage Licensing. No cash or personal checks. Mail to the Seattle/Downtown Licensing Office:

King County Marriage Licensing
King County Administration Building
500 Fourth Ave., Suite 430
Seattle, WA 98104

  • If an application is mailed, the marriage license must be picked up at our downtown Seattle office; it will not be mailed. Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., except holidays.
Notice: To verify whether your marriage application or certificate has been processed yet, please perform a search in our Records Search application. 

If your application or certificate appears in the index, it has been received by our office and is being processed.  If it is not yet in the index, we have not yet received/processed it. 
Divorced Applicants
  • There is no need to take divorce papers when applying for a marriage license.
  • A divorce must be final and filed before one can apply for a marriage license. For example, if a divorce is granted and the paperwork filed on a Tuesday, the couple must wait until Wednesday to file an application.
  • Under no circumstances may a person apply for a marriage license before they are divorced.
Getting Married in Another State or Country
  • A Washington State marriage license is not valid for use outside of Washington State.
  • If you plan to marry in another state or country, you will need to apply for its marriage license and comply with their laws for getting married.
  • In order for your marriage to be recognized in Washington State as a lawful union, you must be married according to the laws governing the location at which you were married, including the completion and filing of permanent marriage records, and it cannot fall within the prohibited marriages listed in the Revised Code of Washington (external link).
  • Obtaining certified copies of the permanent marriage record, including certified translation into English, if necessary, will prove that you were lawfully married in that location. You can, but are not required to, record that document as a safeguard against loss with King County Records.
Residency and Citizenship Requirements
  • Marriage license applicants do not have to reside in Washington State.
  • A marriage license purchased from any county in Washington State can be used to get married anywhere in Washington State.
    • Applicants do not have to apply for their marriage license in the county in which they reside.
    • Applicants do not have to apply for their marriage license in the county where the wedding ceremony will take place.
  • A marriage license purchased in Washington State cannot be used to get married in another state or country.
  • Applicants are not required to have a U.S. Social Security number in order to obtain a marriage license. However, one of the marriage license forms requires the inclusion of one's Social Security number OR the applicant's signature on a declaration that they do not have a U.S. Social Security number. This will not impair the couple's ability to receive their marriage license.
Single Status/No Impediment Forms
  • Washington State does not require the presentation of a 'single status' or 'no impediment' form.
  • Should you be getting married in a location that requires a single status or no impediment form, you can request a search by the King County Recorder's Office for marriage records with your name. You will receive a document that states that your name was not found in King County Records for the period of time you have searched. You could also check with the Washington State Center for Health Statistics (external link) for a search of State-recorded marriage certificates.
Marriage License Fees
  • The marriage license fee is $64. Payment is by cash or local check with local identification. No debit or credit cards.
  • The fee is authorized and established by the Washington State Legislature and is distributed, as follows:

King County

  • $ 8 General Fund
  • $ 8 Family Court
  • $ 4 Records Preservation Fund
  • $ 2 County Council
  • $15 Family Services

State of Washington

  • $10 Displaced Homemaker Program
  • $ 5 Child Abuse Program
  • $ 4 Centennial Records Preservation Program
  • $ 4 State Archives
  • $ 4 Washington State Heritage Center
Contact Us

If you are checking to see if your marriage license is available for pick up, please use our Records Search tool. To speak to a marriage licensing staff member, please call 206-477-6620 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Please send email inquiries to