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King County Superior Court

King County’s General Jurisdiction Trial Court

Opinions of the Court

Selected recent opinions of the King County Superior Court are listed below.  Other opinions are available through the Clerk's Office.

Seattle Audubon Society v. Washington State Board of Natural Resources - Judge Heller - July 2013

League of Educational Voters v. State of Washington - Memorandum Opinion - Judge Heller - May 2012

Fisher v. State of Washington, Department of Transportation - Memorandum Opinion - Judge Erlick - April 2012

State v. Anderson / State v. McEnroe – Order on Defendants' Motions to Strike the Notice of Special Sentencing Proceeding – Judge Ramsdell - June 2010

McCleary v. State – Judge Erlick - February 2010

In re Expedia Hotel Taxes and Fees Litigation – Judge Benton - August 2009

Seattle Baseball Club – LUPA – Judge Erlick - June 2009