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King County Superior Court

King County’s General Jurisdiction Trial Court

Judge Mary Yu

Mailing Address:
King County Superior Court
516 3rd Ave, Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104
Mailstop:  KCC-SC-0203
Courtroom Number:  W-928

Phone:  206-477-1417

Email:  Please note:  Judge Yu does NOT use the 'yu.court' email address.  Please do NOT send email to that address.

Judicial Assignment:  Civil

Bailiff:  Rhonda Salvesen

Department Number:

Performs Wedding:  Yes

Accepts Applications for Volunteer Externs:  Yes

Performs Settlement Conferences:  Yes

Visit this webpage before contacting the court.

Get instructions for submitting Working Papers.

CV of Judge Yu.


UNLESS the judge has specifically requested orders or pleadings from counsel.  If you email orders to the judge, you must make sure all counsel are copied on the email.  The judge's direct email is


Local Rule 7(b); Local Rule 40 (e); Local Rule 56, Civil Rule 56


Requests for hearing dates are accepted by emailing the law clerk/bailiff.  Summary judgments are heard on Fridays; all other motions with oral argument are heard either at 8:30 a.m. or 4:00 p.m.  The judge requires that you check with opposing counsel before scheduling any hearing in order to make sure that the date works for all counsel.  Doing so reduces the need to reschedule hearings due to conflicts.

Email must include the following:

  • Case name and cause number
  • Names and phone numbers of all counsel
  • Type of hearing and date(s) requested

Judge Yu will provide additional time on hearings involving multi-party cases or complex litigation.  Please advise the bailiff of your request when scheduling.


Please email the bailiff if your case settles or if you need to strike any motions.

  • Pre-Trial Conference (Civil):  Judge Yu DOES NOT have a judicial assistant.  All scheduling and pre-trial management are handled by the law clerk/bailiff.  A pre-trial order will be sent to you prior to the trial date.  If you wish to receive an electronic copy of the order, please email the bailiff.  A sample pre-trial order may be reviewed by clicking here (document download), and a joint statement of evidence may be reviewed by clicking here (document download).
  • Pre-Trial Conference (Criminal):  Judge Yu utilizes the attached checklist for criminal cases.  You may wish to download it prior to trial.  Please click here (document download).
  • Status Conference, CR 16 conferences, or pre-trial conferences will be scheduled upon request of the parties.  The judge is available by phone to resolve discovery disputes in an ongoing deposition.  Contact the bailiff and advise the bailiff of the dispute and the number where you can be reached.  The judge will call as soon as there is a break in trial.
  • Settlement Conferences:  Judge Yu is available for settlement conferences in all civil cases.  Due to limited resources, the judge will give priority to cases where the parties have limited financial resources.  In general, such settlement conferences are scheduled at 4:30 PM.  Contact the bailiff for scheduling and for the judge's requirements.


Please contact Judge Yu’s courtroom clerk by email or phone regarding submittal of the Joint Statement of Evidence and pre-marking of all trial exhibits.  See instructions here (document download).

Please email the bailiff if your case settles or if you need to strike any motions.


Judge Yu provides judicial externship opportunities to law students throughout the year.  If you are interested in applying for one of the externship positions, you must meet the following criteria:  you must be earning academic credit for the externship and you must be pre-approved by your law school for participation in such a program.  Judge Yu accepts externs for the fall, spring and summer semesters.  Applications for a fall semester externship are due no later than April 15th, while spring semester applications are due on October 1, and summer semester applications are due by January 28.

If you would like to apply, please send your application materials directly to the judge's mailing address.  Application materials should include:  cover letter (indicating which semester you are interested in applying for), resume, transcript, writing sample, and list of references.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Judge Yu's law clerk/bailiff by phone or by email.