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King County Superior Court

King County’s General Jurisdiction Trial Court

Judge Dean S. Lum

Mailing Address:
King County Superior Court
516 3rd Ave, Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104
Mailstop:  KCC-SC-0203
Courtroom Number:  E-1201

Phone:  206-477-1397


Judicial Assignment:  Chief Criminal Judge

Bailiff:  Sung Kim

Department Number:

Performs Weddings:  Yes

Accepts Applications for Volunteer Externs:  Not at this time

Performs Settlement Conferences:  Yes (All Types)

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Judge Lum Biographical Information.


Procedures for motions without oral argument
Revision & Reconsideration
Trial Continuance
Consolidation of Multiple Cases
Case Reactivation/Case Area Reassignment
Summary Judgments
Motion to dismiss
Motion to set aside judgment
King County Local Rule 7
King County Local Rule 7
King County Local Rule 40
King County Local Rule 40
King County Local Rule 40
Civil Rule 56
Civil Rule 12
Civil Rule 60


  • Please email the bailiff to schedule motions requiring oral argument.  Include the case name and number and the names of opposing counsel.  Such motions must be confirmed.
  • DO NOT confirm motions without oral argument.  Set these in compliance with KCLR's notice requirements; you do not need the court's approval of the date.  Stipulations/agreed orders with signatures of all counsel do not need to be noted.
  • If you are striking a motion please notify the court immediately.
  • Motions which are not in compliance with the rules will be stricken without prejudice.
  • Motions without oral argument must include a proposed Order and envelopes addressed to all parties.  Copies of orders will not be returned if envelopes are not provided.
  • Motions and stipulations to continue trial dates must include the signature of the moving party, counsel's signature and a basis.
  • A default judgment motion must include an affidavit or declaration in support signed by a party with personal knowledge, in addition to the signature of counsel.
  • Deliver working copies to the Judges' Mailroom.  (See address listing above.)  Working copies must have the judge's name and the date of the hearing written in the upper right hand corner.
  • Please comply with page limitations specified in the rule applicable to your motion.