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King County Superior Court

King County’s General Jurisdiction Trial Court

Settlement Conferences

Judges and Commissioners available for settlement conferences are listed below.  To arrange for a settlement conference with a judge, contact the bailiff.

For cases where the order setting the case schedule and assignment to individual judge requires a settlement conference, using mediation or other alternative dispute resolution outside the court system can fulfill this requirement.

For family law cases, all parties seeking a settlement conference are invited to call (206) 477-1353 on Thursdays and Fridays between 8:30am and 4:30pm for Seattle and (253) 852-2345 Monday through Friday (except 1:00pm to 2:00pm) for Kent.  You will reach a Settlement Conference Coordinator who can schedule a conference with an attorney who has indicated a willingness to conduct settlement conferences.  See Volunteer Settlement Conferences for more information.

Judge Room Phone Case Type
King County Courthouse Judges
Chun, John W-921 (206) 477-1423
Downing, William E-762 (206) 477-1585 All Types
Doyle, Theresa W-842 (206) 477-1405 All Types
Erlick, John W-1060 (206) 477-1623 Civil
Heller, Bruce E-854 (206) 477-1641
All Types
Lum, Dean E-1201 (206) 477-1397 All Types
North, Douglass W-711 (206) 477-1507 All Types
O'Donnell, Sean W-817 (206) 477-1501 Family Law
Parisien, Suzanne W-764 (206) 477-1579
All Types
Ramseyer, Judith E-753 (206) 477-1605 Civil
Rietschel, Jean W-331 (206) 477-1543 All Types
Schubert, Ken W-928 (206) 477-1567 All Types
Shaffer, Catherine W-829 (206) 477-1391 All Types
Smith, Lori Kay E-847 (206) 477-1354 Family Law
Spearman, Mariane E-863 (206) 477-1647 All Types
Maleng Regional Justice Center Judges
Darvas, Andrea 4H (206) 477-1465 All Types
Helson, Janet 3H (206) 477-1367
All Types
Middaugh, Laura Gene 3J (206) 477-1483 All Types
Thorp, Tanya 3B (206) 477-1489 All Types
Family Law Commissioners
Holman, Hollis ITA Court
(206) 296-4641 Family Law
Jeske, Jacqueline Kent (206) 477-2751 Family Law
Ponomarchuk, Leonid Seattle (206) 477-1512 Family Law