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King County Superior Court

King County’s General Jurisdiction Trial Court

Information for Jurors

Welcome to King County Superior Court and thank you for your willingness to serve!

Find Out Whether Your Group Needs to Report

Your group number is located on the front of your summons underneath your badge number.  If the court needs fewer jurors than anticipated, some groups will be excused from service.

The night before your service is scheduled to begin (after 5:00pm), Seattle Jurors should click HERE and Kent Jurors should click HERE.
You can also obtain this information by calling:

All juror candidates are asked to log in to our Juror eResponse System to review the information we have on file and make any necessary corrections.  Only the individual named on the summons should log in to this site.  Do not log in to the site if you are not the person named on the summons even if you are the parent, child, or guardian of the person to whom the summons is addressed.

Other Online Services

The court's Juror eResponse System allows you to manage many aspects of your jury service online.  You may use eResponse to:

Announcements and Alerts

Scam Alert #1!  Superior Court has received reports of residents receiving telephone calls from individuals who claim to be county law enforcement officers or court staff and accuse the residents of failure to respond to a jury summons.  These callers often demand immediate payment of a fine to avoid issuance of an arrest warrant.  Please be assured that the staff of King County Superior Court will NEVER ask past or prospective jurors for financial details such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or Social Security numbers and will NEVER demand the payment of a fine.  If you receive such a telephone call you should contact law enforcement immediately.  Learn how to protect yourself HERE.

Scam Alert #2!  A fraudulent email regarding courts is being widely distributed around the U.S.  Learn how to protect yourself HERE.
Scam Alert #3!  Jurors scams are a concern in numerous court jurisdictions across the country.  Learn how to project yourself HERE.

Helpful Information for Jurors

Getting to the Courthouse

What to Expect When Reporting for Jury Service

Frequently Asked Questions about Jury Service

What to Do in Case of Emergency or Inclement Weather

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