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Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court Department of the King County Superior Court

Juvenile Justice 101

Juvenile Justice 101 is a program designed to help parents and youth understand the Juvenile Court process.  The program includes four primary components:

  • A Court Orientation;
  • Agency Presentations;
  • One-on-One Support; and
  • Community Outreach.

Family Partners -- volunteer parents of youth who have been through the Juvenile Court -- staff the program.

Court Orientation

The court orientation usually takes place on Monday afternoons, Wednesday mornings, and Thursday afternoons.  The orientation begins 30 minutes before the start of the First Appearance calendar at Juvenile Court.  First Appearance Hearings are held for youth who have been booked into detention since the end of the last court day.  At the orientation, Family Partners show a video, introduce a resource booklet (un folleto), and talk about the Juvenile Court offender process.

Agency Presentations

Following the orientation, a community agency representative presents for 10-15 minutes on services that are available to families.  Agency representatives typically bring brochures and also are available to answer questions.  Agencies that may provide information include:

Brochures from many of these agencies are available anytime at Juvenile Court.

One-on-One Support

After the presentation, Family Partners approach each person waiting in the court lobby to follow up on any questions raised in the orientation.

Community Outreach

Family Partners also go out into the community to make presentations about the Juvenile Justice 101 program and to answer questions about Juvenile Court.

Quarterly Reports