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Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court Department of the King County Superior Court

Juvenile Detention

The Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention is responsible for the care and custody of youth who are detained in the juvenile detention facility. A youth may be detained following an arrest for allegedly committing an offense or on a warrant; pending trial; as part of a sentence or as part of an order sanctioning the youth for violating the terms of probation. Non-offenders (truants, at-risk youth, children in need of services, or dependents) who violate a court order or are arrested on a warrant may also be detained. Detention Screening Criteria.

While detained, youth receive a medical assessment to determine if the youth is in crisis and needs immediate medical or mental health intervention. The youth also receives an assessment to determine the youth's appropriate placement in detention and any special issues that may need to be addressed.

During the week, detained youth attend school. The Seattle school district provides regular and special education.

Detention staff work closely with probation staff to keep probation advised when a youth is detained.

Detention also manages programs providing alternatives to secure detention for those youth who require monitoring but do not need to be detained in a secure setting. These programs include electronic home monitoring, day and evening reporting, group care and work crew.

Who may I call for information?

  • If your child was just arrested: Screening staff can tell you about the child's detention status and next hearing information: (206) 205-9594 (24-hours/ 7 days week)
  • If you need to talk to staff in detention: Contact (206) 205-9500 extension 3 and follow directions

Can I call my child in detention? No. Call for detention information or the probation counselor or defense attorney if one is assigned.

When may I visit my child in detention?
Visiting Hours:

    4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
    9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. weekends and holidays

  • Visits may be up to 30 minutes long.
  • Each youth may have visitors up to 3 times per week.
  • Only parents and guardians and children under age of 8 have visiting rights.
  • No food, clothing, money, or personal items may be brought into the visiting room.