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Office of the Presiding Judge
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(g) Time for Discovery. The parties may agree, with the permission of the court, to discovery cut-off dates which modify the time for discovery within CRLJ 26(d). A notice, signed by all parties, of an agreed schedule shall be filed with the court, and shall become binding upon the parties upon approval by the court. Any party may propose a discovery schedule which modifies the time for discovery within CRLJ26(d)

    (1) Any party intending to propose a discovery schedule under this rule must serve the proposed discovery schedule on all parties, within 90 days of service of the summons and complaint, or counterclaim, or cross complaint, whichever is longer.

    (2) Such discovery schedule shall be deemed approved by the court if no objection or counter proposal is served and filed within 14 days of the date of filing.

    (3) If an objection or other proposed schedule is filed within 14 days of the filing of a proposed discovery schedule, the court shall note the case for a discovery conference and set discovery deadlines.

    (4) No ex-parte fee will be charged.

    {Amended effective September 2, 2014}