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Department of Judicial Administration
Superior Court
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King County Courthouse
516 3rd Ave, E609
Seattle, WA 98104-2386

Maleng Regional Justice Center
401 4th Ave N, 2C
Kent, WA  98032

Juvenile Division
1211 E. Alder St, Rm 307
Seattle, WA  98122

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SC Clerk's Office


(a) Statement of Arbitrability. A party believing a case to be suitable for mandatory arbitration pursuant to MAR 1.2 shall file a statement of arbitrability upon a form prescribed by the Court before the case schedule deadline. After the date indicated on the case schedule has passed, the party wishing to transfer a case to arbitration must obtain an order from the Court upon a showing of good cause.

(b) Response to a Statement of Arbitrability.

(1) Within 14 days after the statement of arbitrability is served and filed, a party who objects to the statement of arbitrability, on the ground that the objecting party’s own claim or counterclaim is not arbitrable, shall serve and file a response on a form prescribed by the Court. If such a response is timely served and filed, the matter shall be administratively removed from arbitration. In the absence of such timely response, the statement of arbitrability shall be deemed correct. A party who fails to serve and file a response within the time prescribed may later do so only upon leave of the Court for good cause shown.

(2) A party who objects to a statement of arbitrability on the ground that a claim of the party who filed the statement is not subject to arbitration shall note a motion before the assigned judge.

(c) Filing Amendments. A party may amend or withdraw a statement of arbitrability or response at any time before assignment of an arbitrator and thereafter only upon leave of the court for good cause shown.

(d) By Stipulation: A case in which all parties file a stipulation to arbitrate under MAR 8.1(b) will be placed on the arbitration calendar regardless of the nature of the case or amount in controversy, by leave of the Court.

[Amended effective September 1, 1981; June 10, 1982; January 1, 1990; September 1, 1992; September 1, 2003; September 1, 2009.]