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Judicial Administration

Superior Court Clerk's Office

Department of Judicial Administration
Superior Court
Clerk's Office

King County Courthouse
516 3rd Ave, E609
Seattle, WA 98104-2386

Maleng Regional Justice Center
401 4th Ave N, 2C
Kent, WA  98032

Juvenile Division
1211 E. Alder St, Rm 307
Seattle, WA  98122

206-296-0100 TTY/TDD

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 Ex Parte Via the Clerk  

Ex Parte via the Clerk  

Process Information

Per LCR 40.1, matters to be submitted to the King County Ex Parte and Probate Department via the Clerk may be submitted for presentation either electronically through the eFIling Application or in hard copy delivery by mail or in-person to the Clerk's Office.  The method used to submit for presentation will not impact the processing time or order in which matters are submitted to the Ex Parte Department.

Please Review:

  1. The Ex Parte Motions and Hearing Manual (updated 07-17-2014) to learn about the rules, procedures, costs and time lines.

  2. The Ex Parte Master List to determine if your matter must be presented via the Clerk or in-person by a case participant.

  3. The Ex Parte via the Clerk FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions updated 05-15-15) for additional important details about the process.

Note: The court file is not reviewed.  All supporting document(s) necessary for the Court to decide the issue must be provided, including copies of all documents (e.g., Affidavits of Service) that are referenced in the proposed order or are necessary for the Court's review.


Presentation Fee:  A $30.00 presentation fee is applied to all matters submitted without oral argument to the Ex Parte Department through the Clerk's Office (i.e., via the Clerk).

  • Delivery to the Ex Parte Department will occur four (4) times per court day.

  • You may submit up to five (5) orders in a single case (must have the same cause number) at one time for a single presentation fee.

  • Fees for additional, related services (e.g., certified copies, new Letters of Testamentary) are charged in addition to the presentation fee.

Expedited Fee:  For an additional $30.00 expedited service fee the Clerk will present your order to the Ex Parte Department with fifteen (15) minutes of receipt.  Once the order is signed the Clerk will contact you by the method requested.

Fee Waiver:  You may apply to the Clerk's Office for a waiver of the presentation fee.  To do so, you must complete the waiver forms available here or at the Clerk's Office.  Fee waivers may be granted for a period no longer than six (6) months.  If your fee waiver is granted, you will be required to include a copy of the approved fee waiver with each subsequent submission.

Submission Methods

New An updated version of the EPVC application was deployed on May 8, 2015.  For more information click here.

Read the Ex Parte Motions and Hearing Manual (updated 07-17-2014)

Optional Ex Parte Information Sheet: Use this form if you want to call the Court's attention to specific information.

For help, review the Ex Parte Frequently Asked Questions  or call the Ex Parte via the Clerk Seattle staff at (206) 477-0848 or Kent staff (206) 477-3047.

» Need Help? 

Call: 206-477-0848 (Seattle) or
206-477-3047 (Kent)

Ex Parte via the Clerk FAQs

» Tip!  Submissions commonly sent to Ex Parte via the Clerk in error:

  • Matters noted for hearing;
  • Matters with oral argument;
  • Orders that impact the trial schedule;
  • Matters that involve discovery;
  • Final parenting plans;
  • Orders confirming binding Arbitration that are not stipulated;
  • All Temporary Restraining Orders.


» Ex Parte eMail List

Ex Parte related announcements are periodically emailed to those who subscribed to the Ex Parte Practitioners electronic mailing list. Email addresses are not sold to others or used for any other purpose.