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Judicial Administration

Superior Court Clerk's Office

Department of Judicial Administration
Superior Court
Clerk's Office

King County Courthouse
516 3rd Ave, E609
Seattle, WA 98104-2386

Maleng Regional Justice Center
401 4th Ave N, 2C
Kent, WA  98032

Juvenile Division
1211 E. Alder St, Rm 307
Seattle, WA  98122

206-296-0100 TTY/TDD

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 Superior Court Documents 

Electronic filing is mandatory for attorneys, unless LGR30 provides otherwise.  Non-attorneys are encouraged to e-file but are not required to do so. 

To go directly to the eFiling application, click:   

     Click to go to the eFiling application

New An updated version of the EPVC application was deployed on May 8, 2015.

The King County Clerk’s Office has made improvements to the application to enable users to e-file and submit documents to Ex Parte via the Clerk (EPVC) in one process flow.   EPVC users may now check a box to designate documents being submitted for the court’s review that should also be e-filed.  It is important for users to check this box for all documents being submitted which have not been previously filed into the court file.

Another change is that Proposed Orders are to be submitted in MS Word format (.doc or .docx file format).  This change facilitates electronic filing of the orders by the court.

Users will notice a number of modifications to the application’s screen layout. For guidance, view the Ex Parte via the Clerk step-by-step process guide.

If you have questions, please contact eServices (email) or phone 206-477-3000.

eFiling Resources:

Access Self-Help Resources Here Review Frequently Asked Questions Here Read the E-Filing Court Rules Here
Learn About Ex Parte via the Clerk Here Learn About Electronic Working Copies Submittals Here

Read E-Filing Waiver Information Here


Read Application Release Notes Here Subscribe to e-Mail Notification Lists Here Find the Clerk's Contact Information Here

Filing in King County Superior Court:

  • The process of e-filing a document(s) does not automatically submit the document(s) to the Ex Parte / Probate Department, produce working copies for the Court, or e-serve the documents.  See the Self Help Resources  for additional information.
  • GR 30 authorizes e-service by agreement only.
  • Fee documents are subject to the standard fee schedule plus an eCommerce transaction fee ($2.49 for credit cards and $1.49 for internet checks).

To view eFiling application scheduled maintenance and status notifications, click the link below:

eFilingLogo_bullet eFiling Application Status

The King County Electronic Court Records Program received the 2007 Innovations in American Government Award presented by the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

For information about the award winning ECR Program, click here.

To view the Electronic Court Records Improves Judicial Process: Innovator's Focus video, click here.


The Clerk's eFiling application is comprised of four distinct processes:

eFilingLogo_bullet File documents into an existing case or to start a new case

eFilingLogo_bullet Electronic service of eFiled documents

eFilingLogo_bullet Create and submit working copies electronically

eFilingLogo_bullet Electronic submissions to Ex Parte via the Clerk