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Most King County offices will be closed on Monday, February 15, 2016, for President's Day.  
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February 8-12, 2016 

Monday, February 8
Metropolitan King County Council – 1:30 p.m.
Councilmembers are scheduled to discuss and possibly act on:
• An ordinance related to the operation and maintenance of the Harborview Medical Center, authorizing the King County executive and the president of the Harborview Medical Center board of trustees to execute a hospital services agreement with the regents of the University of Washington and adopting the mission statement and admission policy for the Harborview Medical Center (Ordinance 2016-0094).
• A motion confirming the Director of Elections’ appointment of Shannon Cortez as Deputy Director of Elections (Substitute Motion 2016-0085.2).
• A motion approving a report assessing potential traffic impacts of a new bus stop on Montlake Boulevard NE and NE Pacific Place (Substitute Motion 2016-0089.2).
• A motion relating to the establishment of a work plan for improving the transfer environment at locations impacted by the University Link bus integration (Proposed Motion 2016-0092).
• A motion relating to public transportation, approving a work plan for assessing ridership impacts and customer response to the University Link bus integration (Proposed Motion 2016-0093).

Tuesday, February 9
Government Accountability and Oversight Committee – 9:30 a.m.

• For-Hire Update (Briefing No. 2016-B0024).

Law, and Justice Committee – Canceled

Wednesday, February 10
Budget and Fiscal Management Committee – 9:30 a.m.
• Anticipated Budget and Fiscal Management Committee Legislation (Briefing No. 2016-B0028).

Regional Policy Committee – 3:00 p.m.
Committee members are scheduled to discuss and possibly recommend to the full council:
• An ordinance adding the vice chair of the budget and fiscal management committee and the vice chair of the law and justice committee to the list of persons eligible to be appointed to the leadership group of the E 911 strategic plan scoping committee (Ordinance 2016-0095).

• Final Report on Ferry District Expansion Options (Briefing No. 2016-B0027).

This Week at the Council is a summary of highlights for upcoming council and committee agendas. To read complete agendas and the full text of legislation, please visit the King County Council’s LEGISEARCH system at

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are in the King County Council Chambers, Room 1001, King County Courthouse, 516 Third Ave, Seattle, WA

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