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Meeting highlights August 31-September 4, 2015

Monday, August 31
King County Flood Control District1:30 p.m. ***Special meeting***
Boardmembers are scheduled to discuss and possibly act on:
• A resolution relating to the King County Flood Control Zone District 2015 capital budget; approving grant fund projects; and authorizing expenditure of District funds for the approved projects from the appropriation of grant funds (Resolution No. FCD2015-10).

Metropolitan King County Council Immediately following meeting of King County Flood Control District
Councilmembers are scheduled to discuss and possibly act on:
• An ordinance adopting the Committee to End Homelessness in King County Strategic Plan and endorsing its goals and principles as a guide by which the county and other members of the Committee to End Homelessness will seek to address and eliminate homelessness over the next four years (Ordinance 2015-0327).
• A motion adopting the Council’s Equity and Social Justice Work Plan for 2015-2016 (Substitute Motion 2015-0238.2).
• A motion approving the Office of Equity and Social Justice 2015-2016 Work Plan (Substitute Motion 2015-0178.2).
• A motion in support of a statewide and national ban on nontherapeutic uses of antibiotics in livestock production (Motion 2015-0222).

Tuesday, September 1
Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee – 9:30 a.m.

Committee members are scheduled to discuss and possibly recommend to the full council:
• An ordinance authorizing the King County executive to enter into an interlocal agreement between King County and the Washington state Department of Transportation, Pierce county and the cities of Buckley and Enumclaw, for the cooperative planning, design and construction of a bridge over the White river for nonmotorized transportation, linking the Enumclaw Plateau and Foothills trails (Ordinance 2015-0235).

• Thornton Creek Alliance (Briefing No. 2015-B0165).

Health, Housing and Human Services Committee – 1:30 p.m.
Committee members are scheduled to discuss and possibly recommend to the full council:
• A motion acknowledging receipt of and approving a report on the summary of usage of the King County men’s winter shelter for 2014 2015, an analysis of alternative shelter locations and a description of potential opportunities for shelter related coordination with the city of Seattle (Motion 2015-0295).

• Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign (Briefing No. 2015-B0162).

Wednesday, September 2
Committee of the Whole – 9:30 a.m.
See the committee agenda Monday, August 31 at:

Regional Water Quality Committee – 3:00 p.m.

• Assessing New Wastewater Treatment Technologies (Briefing No. 2015-B0156).
• Implementing Lean: Refreshing WTD’s Vision and Mission (Briefing No. 2015-B0158).
• Regional Wastewater Services Plan Review Update-Anticipated Next Steps in Review (Briefing No. 2015-B0159).

This Week at the Council is a summary of highlights for upcoming council and committee agendas. To read complete agendas and the full text of legislation, please visit the King County Council’s LEGISEARCH system at

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are in the King County Council Chambers, Room 1001, King County Courthouse, 516 Third Ave, Seattle, WA

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