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July 26, 2010

Council requests plan for moving people from jail to society

Dunn re-entry proposal would allow King County to compete for millions

The Metropolitan King County Council today unanimously adopted a motion calling on the County Executive to develop a re-entry plan for the criminal justice system. The plan would detail how King County moves people from jail back into society by providing them with resources that reduce their likelihood to reoffend.

“It’s important that we as policy makers consider how best to move people from jail back to living constructive lives,” said King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn who Chairs the Council’s Law, Safety, Health and Human Services Committee. “Sometimes a very small adjustment will keep someone from reoffending. That’s something we should think about and plan for.”

In recent years, King County has missed out on opportunities to compete for more than $100 million in federal money through the Second Chance Act. This program requires jurisdictions to create re-entry plans and helps with resources to implement programs that keep people out of jail.

King County’s Countywide Strategic Plan that was also adopted today calls for a continuum of jail diversion programs such as education and drug treatment. This is consistent with many of the services that King County already provides.

“King County is already very successful with the re-entry programs that we have,” Dunn said. “It would be a mistake for us not to take advantage of every opportunity to build on that success.”

The adopted legislation advances the Council’s priorities of Safe, Health and Vibrant Communities and Financial Stewardship.