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2013 Amendments to the King County Comprehensive Plan

In December 2012, King County adopted major updates to the County's growth management Comprehensive Plan (KCCP).  The City of Snoqualmie appealed to the Growth Management Hearings Board ("Board"), arguing, among other things, that the County's 2012 updates failed to comply with the 2009 amendments to the Growth Management Act (GMA), commonly referred to as SHB 1825.  While the Board dismissed the substance of the City's appeal in its entirety, it also determined that the KCCP did not adequately demonstrate that the updates were reviewed and potentially revised to comply with the requirements of the GMA since the last major update to the KCCP in 2008.

The Board remanded to the County the KCCP's Introduction, Chapters 1 and 2, and Technical Appendix D to take appropriate action to show that the 2012 updates to the KCCP comply with the requirements of the GMA, including statutory amendments effective after 2008.

Proposed Ordinance 2013-0411 makes revisions to the remanded KCCP sections to conform with the Board's directive.

On September 17, 2013, the Transportation Economy and Environment Committee voted out a "do pass" recommendation to the full Council on Proposed Ordinance 2013-0411.  Below are the staff report and Proposed Ordinance.

Ordinance 2013-0411

The County Council will hold a public hearing on the Proposed Ordinance on October 28, 2013.  The Council is expected to take action on the Proposed Ordinance on November 4, 2013.  See the notice below.

Public Hearing notice

Shoreline Master Program incorporated into King County Comprehensive Plan

King County received the state’s approval of the County’s Shoreline Master Program (SMP), which consists of policies in Chapter 5 of the King County Comprehensive Plan (see Attachment A link below) and the regulations adopted to implement those policies, both which are part of ordinance 17485 (see links below). As a result of this approval, the County’s SMP became effective on January 28, 2013.

Ecology’s Approval of County’s SMP

2012 King County Comprehensive Plan Adopted

On December 26, 2012, the Notice of Adoption of the 2012 King County Comprehensive Plan was published in the County’s paper of record, the Seattle Times. Pursuant to RCW 36.70A.290, any petition relating to whether or not the amended comprehensive plan or development regulations adopted therewith are in compliance with the goals and requirements of the GMA, SMP or SEPA must be filed with the Growth Management Hearings Board within 60 days of this publication date. 

Notice of adoption

On December 3, 2012, the King County Council adopted the updates to the County's growth management Comprehensive Plan (KCCP), which is the set of policies by which King County manages growth in unincorporated areas.

Growth management comprehensive plans adopted by local governments provide the blueprint to effectively combine certainty for development decisions, reasonable environmental protection, long-range planning for cost-effective infrastructure, and orderly growth and development. The KCCP is updated annually for minor changes and technical corrections. Every four years, the KCCP is reviewed and major updates occur. 2012, was a major review and update to the Comprehensive Plan. Below are links to the elements that constitute the adopted 2012 updates to the KCCP.

Ordinance 17485 (pdf, 1 MB)

For a history of the review the Comprehensive Plan under went this year, please view the materials in the right-handed side bar.

2012 Adopted King County Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance 17485 (pdf, 1 MB)

Superseded Ordinance Versions

Staff Reports

Other Materials

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