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Most King County offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 26-27, 2015, for the Thanksgiving holiday.  
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Collaboration in Combating Climate Change


On Monday, Sept. 28, our Committee of the Whole met at the Bullitt Center, the "Greenest Building in the World"  for a special Town Hall meeting focusing on the collaboration and cooperation taking place in protecting the environment. The meeting brought together military, faith, business, government, and community voices in a compelling discussion on finding solutions to one of the greatest challenges of the new century.

This was a "Carbon-Friendly" event, with the people in the audience using an environmental friendly way to arrive at the Bullitt Center or "attending" the meeting via live streaming! You can see a replay of the Town Hall on King County TV

Building for Culture

Hip Sing Bldg

Photo from 4Culture of Hip Sing Building, Courtesy Hip Sing Association

The King County Council has unanimously approved "Building for Culture," which I enthusiastically supported. I am excited that our commitment to sound financial policies has resulted in a surplus to support this program. This windfall will benefit our local arts, cultural and historic preservation projects while further enhancing, economic development, livability efforts and tourism. Learn more and how to apply via our partnership with 4Culture.

Cultural Arts

Signing ceremony for House Bill 2263 with Governor Inslee and other supporters

Signing ceremony for House Bill 2263 with Governor Inslee and other supporters

On behalf of the joint goals of providing young people with access to a variety of cultural arts programs and of providing our most vulnerable populations with affordable housing and mental health programs, I was proud to participate in the signing ceremony for House Bill 2263 with Governor Inslee and other supporters. This law is a first step toward realizing a dream of equal access to these opportunities for all the citizens of King County. Watch the ceremony at

The Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality on June 26

Clearly, as a nation, we have moved beyond this as a partisan issue. This is about celebrating the love of two people, wherever they live in this country. Civil rights, and gay rights in particular, are an important part of what makes the United States great -- what makes it a place where people want to come and live from all over the world. In recognition of this momentous day, I joined Executive Constantine, Council Chair Larry Phillips, Councilmember Dave Upthegrove, King County Sheriff John Urquhart, and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, to raise the Pride Flag over King County, reminding all of us that love wins.

Raising the rainbow flag in support of marriage equality

Town Hall Meetings

The arts provide a creative outlet for youth that has the power to change lives. For too many young people, access to arts and cultural events are limited due to cost, location and the reduced focus on the arts in school. Featured were efforts taking place, locally, to connect youth to arts and cultural activities, and explore strategies for youth and young adult empowerment. Town Hall Meetings are part of Councilmembers’ initiative to “get out of the courthouse” and into the communities they serve.  Each Town Hall is a special meeting of the Council’s Committee of the Whole, the only standing committee on which all nine members serve. It considers legislation and policy issues of interest to the entire Council.

Transit service receives financial boost from fuel savings

Recently it was announced that savings from reduced fuel cost will be used to increase transit service. This meets a goal that I sought via a Council motion earlier this year. I want to thank the Executive for following the guidelines outlined in Council Motion 2015-0067 and for working with the Council to find new ways to keep our Metro service running. Metro Transit will be adding an additional 69,000 hours in bus service starting this fall using a combination of funds. Those funds include $21 million in savings from lower fuel costs. 

As with many major businesses and governments whose operations utilize significant volumes of fuel, King County has benefitted from the recent decrease in the fuel prices. The Council adopted in March a motion sponsored by me calling on the Executive to prepare a report on funds available from the savings created by the lower than projected fuel costs. Learn more at

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