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Official portrait of King County Councilmember Rod Dembowski, 2015

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Three Year Report to Constituents

preserving Wayne Golf Course
Rod celebrating the preservation of Wayne Golf Course for future generations.

On February 11, 2016 I completed my third year serving on the King County Council. Though elected from the 1st District, I am cognizant that my votes and work impact everyone in King County. I wanted to update you on the issues that my colleagues and I have been addressing at King County during the last three years. Please read my report that summarizes our work, here.

My highest priority as a councilmember is working to ensure that everyone in our community has a fair and equal opportunity to achieve their full potential, and live a healthy, safe, and productive life. Today, nearly ten percent of King County residents live below the federal poverty level. Life expectancy can differ by ten years, depending on your ZIP code. These challenges know no municipal or demographic boundary – solving them requires partnerships across the region.

I firmly believe that by deploying the tools we have in hand at King County – from our health department, to our justice system, to our Department of Community and Human Services, to our Department of Natural Resources and Parks and Metro Transit – we have the capacity to address pressing regional issues like poverty, transportation, environmental protection, and disparities in health outcomes.

I take the job of representing you seriously and have not missed a single vote. I have voted over 2,300 consecutive times since taking office in 2013. This report highlights some of those votes.

I welcome your comments and ideas for additional areas where we can work together to ensure King County is the best place in America – for everyone – to live, work and play.

Thank you for taking the time to review this report. For regular updates, please consider subscribing to my e-news by emailing me at or by calling my office at (206) 477-1001.

Very Truly Yours,
Rod Dembowski

Council approves nation-leading paid parental leave program

Rod and Councilmember Jean Godden celebrating the progress of paid parental leave in our region at a roundtable discussion with United States Secretary of Labor Tom Perez and Mayor Ed Murray.

Beginning in 2016, King County employees who welcome a new child will have 12 weeks of paid leave to stay home with their families. The Metropolitan King County Council gave its approval to legislation that will create a program providing certain County employees with paid parental leave to run concurrently with unpaid federal and state family and medical leave.

The adopted legislation grew out of a motion adopted by the Council this past spring declaring that it is county policy to establish a paid family leave program for King County employees. The motion also requested the Executive develop a work plan and recommendations for implementing a paid parental leave program along with a cost analysis of the potential financial impact of the program. The Executive sent a cost-benefit analysis and a recommendation to the Council in September and followed up with a work plan and proposed legislation in November.

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New Funds to Address Untested Rape Kits in King County

Watch Rod’s interview with KING 5 reporter Linda Byron (click on photo).

Every year across the country, thousands of “rape kits” – DNA evidence collected by a health care professional after a sexual assault – go untested. While the reasons for this backlog vary, it’s clear that cases in which a rape kit is tested are more likely to result in arrests and prosecutions.

In jurisdictions like New York City, Dallas, and even Tacoma, the analysis of previously untested sexual assault kits has led to the identification of new offenders, linking of serial cases, and exoneration of the wrongly convicted. Most importantly, these cities have demonstrated a commitment to survivors to do everything possible to help them find justice and healing.

Thanks to the tireless work this year of State Representative Tina Orwall, moving forward Washington State now must test all new rape kits that are collected. However, there is still work to do to address existing untested kits in local jurisdictions, including in King County, where approximately 400 rape kits sit in evidence storage.

I’ve partnered with Representative Orwall and Sheriff Urquhart to take immediate action regarding these kits here at King County. In this week’s Budget and Fiscal Management Committee meeting, I was able to secure $200,000 for sexual assault experts in the Sheriff’s office to identify exactly how many untested kits remain in King County, prioritize those cases for testing, and submit them to the State Patrol Crime Lab for processing.

This is the right thing to do, and as we’ve seen across the country, this work will likely result in arrests and convictions of serial rapists and other criminals. It also sends a clear message to victims of sexual assault – you matter, what happened to you matters, and we take your case seriously.

County Council Expands Access to Voting

Fifty years after President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Federal Voting Rights Act into law, the Metropolitan King County Council gave its unanimous approval to broadening the historic law’s standards in King County by requiring voting materials be translated into additional languages, starting with Spanish and Korean.

King County is one of the fastest growing regions in the country, with a rapidly growing population of individuals who speak a language other than English. According to the county demographer, one quarter of King County residents speak a language other than English at home, and close to half of them report that no one in their households speak English well or at all. Read more

King County "Youth Action Plan" calls for a new set of priorities

The Metropolitan King County Council gave its unanimous support to the Youth Action Plan (YAP), a new set of priorities that will guide and inform the County's annual investment in programs and services for children and youth, from infants to 24-year olds.

Development of the YAP was completed by an appointed task force of twenty-five experts representing a broad range of organizations and entities with substantial expertise and knowledge relevant to children and youth. Community input was collected through five community conversations held across the county, and through a survey of more than 1,000 youth. The nine recommendations contained in the YAP are the culmination of the task force’s work over the last year.

The recommendations in the Plan include:

  • Social Justice and Equity
  • Apply social justice and equity principles to our children and youth policies
  • Strengthen and stabilize families, children, youth, and young adults
  • Stop the School to Prison Pipeline
  • Break down barriers between government, non-profits, and other providers of services
  • Use data to measure program efficacy and to make investment decisions
  • Invest early, invest often, and invest in outcomes
  • Increase accountability and oversight

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Metro Transit Audit Manager

The new Metro Transit Audit Manager was officially appointed in March, and is operating within the independent King County Auditor's office. This position will be responsible for ongoing reviews and audits of Metro's near billion dollar annual budget.

Audits have proven to save Metro money, in addition to increasing transparency, improving accountability and fostering more trust with the public. My ultimate goal has been, and continues to be, to reform Metro such that we can grow the system to serve the significant unmet demand for transit.

At its March 3rd meeting, the Transportation, Economy, and Environment Committee received a briefing from the new Transit Audit Manager regarding their work-plan for upcoming audits of Metro Transit.

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