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Metropolitan King County Council

Earning public trust, enhancing quality of life, protecting public health and safety
Metropolitan King County Council
516 Third Ave., Rm. 1200
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206-477-1000
Toll Free: 800-325-6165
TTY/TDD: 206-296-1024
Fax: 206-296-0198
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2014 King County Council

King County Council
Councilmembers (from left) Reagan Dunn, Dave Upthegrove, Rod Dembowski, Kathy Lambert, Council Chair Larry Phillips, Pete von Reichbauer, Larry Gossett, Council Vice Chair Jane Hague, and Council Vice Chair  Joe McDermott.

The Metropolitan King County Council is the legislative branch of King County government. King County Councilmembers are elected for four-year terms, and each Councilmember represents a geographical district of about 217,000 residents.

The Council adopts ordinances and motions, sets policy for the county, and holds approval authority for the county budget. The Council uses its committee structure to consider the legislation before it. Ordinances (laws) and motions (policy statements) are assigned to a Council committee for consideration, and then are recommended to the full Council for action. Councilmembers also serve on many special boards and commissions that deal with issues that impact communities throughout King County and the Puget Sound region. These include the Sound Transit, the Growth Management Planning Council, and the Puget Sound Regional Council.

The map of King County below displays these Council districts. To identify a Council district with a street address, you can use the search window on the right-hand side. 

Council Districts

View an interactive map to zoom in on your council district.

King County Council District map 2012

Rod Dembowski Larry Phillips Joe McDermott Joe McDermott Dave Upthegrove Jane Hague Jane Hague Larry Gossett Larry Gossett Larry Gossett Jane Hague Rod Dembowski Rod Dembowski Joe McDermott Rod Dembowski Kathy Lambert Kathy Lambert Kathy Lambert Reagan Dunn Reagan Dunn Pete von Reichbauer Reagan Dunn Reagan Dunn Jane Hague Pete von Reichbauer

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Rod Dembowski
District 1
Member since: 2013
Current term: 2014-2017
Official portrait

Larry Gossett
District 2
Member since: 1994
Current term: 2012-2015 
Official portrait

Kathy Lambert
District 3
Member since: 2002
Current term: 2014-2017
Official portrait

Larry Phillips
Council Chair, District 4
Member since: 1992
Current term: 2012-2015 
Official portrait

Dave Upthegrove
District 5
Member since: 2014
Current term: 2014-2017
Official portrait

Jane Hague
Council Vice Chair, District 6
Member since: 1994
Current term: 2012-2015 
Official portrait

Pete von Reichbauer
District 7
Member since: 1994
Current term: 2014-2017
Official portrait

Joe McDermott
Council Vice Chair, District 8
Member since 2010
Current term: Nov. 2012 - 2015
Official portrait

Reagan Dunn
District 9
Member since: 2005
Current term: 2014-2017
Official portrait