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Notice of proposed ordinances_advertised for Public hearings before the Council

Date of Hearing Proposed Ordinance
 5/22/2017  Proposed Substitute Ordinance 2016-0397, authorizing the sale of two parcels of surplus county property to the City of Issaquah.    
 6/12/17  Proposed Ordinance 2017-0188, determining the monetary requirements for the disposal of sewage for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2018, and ending December 31, 2018.    
 6/19/17  Proposed Ordinance 2017-0094, that would allow the county to sell parcels to the Washington State Convention Center Public Facilities District (WSCC).    

Public hearings on rules and regulations before the Board of Health

Date of Hearing Rules and regulations and resolutions
 4/20/17  BOH17-03, to adopt revisions to the Board of Health Rabies Regulations.    
 7/20/17 BOH17-04, A  Rule and Regulation relating to disclosure of information by limited service pregnancy centers; adding a new Title 4A.    

Public hearings on King County Flood Control District Resolutions

Date of Hearing


 7/11/16 FCD2016-10, to consider amendments to the adopted 2015 budget for the District to correct various attachments, including the 2015 revised budget and revised District oversight budget.
 11/7/16 - 1:30pm  FCD2016-20 re: adoption of the 2017 budget, operating budget, capital budget and work program for the District.

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