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2016-0340Noticeordinances_advertisedPublic hearings on proposed ordinances before the Council

Date of Hearing Proposed Ordinance
 11/7/16 - 11:00am  Proposed Ordinance 2016-0474 relating to school impact fees.
 11/7/16 - 11:00 am  Proposed Ordinance 2016-0475 relating to capital facilities plans.
 11/7/16 - 11:00 am  Proposed Ordinance 2016-0475 regarding the 2017/2018 Biennial King County Budget.

11/7/16 11:00am

 Proposed Ordinances 2016-0476, 0477, 0478, 0481, 0482, 0484, 0490, 0491, 0492, 0493, 04955, relating to changing of fees.
 11/28/16 - 1:30pm  Initial Hearing Notice for Proposed Substitute Ordinances 2016-0155 relating to comprehensive planning and permitting and Proposed Ordinance 2016-0159 relating to comprehensive planning, adopting the 2016 King County real property asset management plan in response to the 2015/2016 Biennial Budget Ordinance.  Supplemental Notice of Public Hearing.
 11/7/16 - 11:00am  Proposed Ordinance 2016-0521 relating to reasonable compensation, fees and costs to be paid by a utility company applying for a franchise.

Public hearings on rules and regulations before the Board of Health

Date of Hearing Rules and regulations and resolutions
 1/19/17  BOH17-01, to adopt requirements for the posting of food safety ratings at general food service establishments.

Public hearings on King County Flood Control District Resolutions

Date of Hearing


 2/16/16  FCD2016-01, considering amendments to the adopted 2015 budget for the District to correct various attachments.
 7/11/16 FCD2016-10, to consider amendments to the adopted 2015 budget for the District to correct various attachments, including the 2015 revised budget and revised District oversight budget.
 11/7/16 - 1:30pm  FCD2016-20 re: adoption of the 2017 budget, operating budget, capital budget and work program for the District.
 11/7/16 - 1:30pm  FCD2016-18 re possible increases in property tax revenues, and FCD2016-20, to consider the District's 2017 budget, consisting of overhead and administration, maintenance and operation, construction and improvements, and bond retirement and interest.

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