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Public hearings on proposed ordinances before the Council

Date of Hearing Proposed Ordinance


Proposed Ordinance 2015-0169 renewing for six-months an existing moratorium on the establishment or location of medical marijuana dispensaries and collective gardens asserted to be or actually authorized under Chapter 181.
 6/15/15  Proposed Ordinance 2015-0202, relating to the annexation of approximately 15 acres of land into the Midway sewer district, known as the Argus annexation, for the purpose of sewer service.
 6/15/15  Proposed Ordinance 2015-0203, relating to the annexation of approximately 5.5 acres of land into the North City water district, known as Ridgecrest Annexation 14-1, for the purpose of water service.
 6/15/15  Proposed Ordinance 2015-0164 determining the monetary requirements for the disposal of sewage for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2016, and ending December 31, 2016, setting the sewer rate for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2016 and ending December 31, 2016.
   Proposed Ordinance 2015-0170 - a public hearing before the King County Hearing Examiner to consider reclassification of Parcel No. 2022069011, and any immediately abutting property, zoned "industrial" (I), from I to Rural Area with 5 acre minimum (RA-5).

Public hearings on rules and regulations before the Board of Health

Date of Hearing Rules and regulations and resolutions
2/19/15 BOH15-01, to amend certain Board of Health Code provisions governing fees for environmental health programs.
3/19/15 BOH15-02, regarding rulemaking for the protection of the public's health against the transmittal of rabies.

Public hearings on King County Flood Control District Resolutions

Date of Hearing



FCD2014-14 relating to the 2015 budget, operating budget and work program for the District.

 7/13/15  FCD2015-07 relating to the operations and finances of the King County Flood Control Zone District; adopting a revised 2015 budget, operating budget, capital budget, six-year capital improvement program for 2015-2020, and subregional opportunity fund allocations.

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