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Metropolitan King County Council

Earning public trust, enhancing quality of life, protecting public health and safety
Metropolitan King County Council
516 Third Ave., Rm. 1200
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206-296-1000
Toll Free: 800-325-6165
TTY/TDD: 206-296-1024
Fax: 206-296-0198

Notification of public hearings on proposed ordinances before the Council

Date of Hearing Proposed Ordinance
 9/2/14 Proposed Ordinance 2014-0268, approving a proposed new franchise for the Mariani Water System and to authorize the King County executive to execute the new franchise agreement.
 9/2/14  Proposed Ordinance 2014-0274, approving a sewer franchise for the city of Kent, Washington, located in council district five.
 9/2/14  Proposed Ordinance 2014-0187, relating to for-hire transportation, including taxicabs, for-hire vehicles, for-hire drivers and transportation network companies, making technical corrections, and amending penalties for violating provisions of the county's       for-hire transportation regulations.

Notification of public hearings on rules and regulations before the Board of Health


Date of Hearing Rules and regulations and resolutions
 7/17/14  BOH14-03 relating to local hazardous waste management fees.

Notification of public hearings on King County Ferry District Resolutions 


Date of Hearing Resolutions
 10/28/13  FD2013-10, regarding adoption of the 2014 budget and work plan for the District.

Notification of public hearings on King County Flood Control District  Resolutions

Date of Hearing


 7/21/14  FCD2014-10, relating to the operations and finances of the King County Flood Control Zone District, adopting a revised 2014 budget and operating budget.
 9/29/14  FCD2014-11-FCD2014-12, authorizing the expenditure of District funds for projects and activities in Water Resource Inventory Areas 7 (the King County portion) 8, 9 and 10 (the King County portion), and relating to the King County Flood Control Zone District 2014 capital budget, approving grand fund projects pursuant to section 8 of Resolution No. FCD 2013-14.3.